Monday, January 26, 2015

#ZONE CONF so hard...

This week was Zone Conference. It was seriously sooooo stellar. I can't believe it was my last one. It definitely felt unreal. 

This week was stellar. We had #zoneconf and 3 exchanges. So we are definitely tired. But what's so amazing is that the Lord is picking us up and carrying us to accomplish more than we ever could on our own. I'm so weak and human and it's amazing to see how this work carries on despite that. I feel so blessed and honored to serve such wonderful sisters. Their spirit and examples helps me change and grow.

We worked hard this week though! We taught lots of lessons and found lots of new investigators! This area so awesome! This week we started teaching 2 more Part-Member families. It seriously was the most genius idea to start holding Family Nights for these families because they love it and they can definitely see a difference in their home. Actually, the mom of one of the families came up to us at church at asked us to teach her son. She told us that she wanted us to teach her son and that she thinks hes ready to be baptized. SO AWESOME. So we went over and taught him! 

We also finally set a date for our investigator for January 31!! She's dropped her previous dates, but we have faith she will make it this time!
So Conference was for sure my highlight. The focus was on the new goal we set for the year, 453. So quick story. We come up with this goal at our Leadership Council at the beginning of the transfer. We were discussing this new goal, at our mission President decided that 450 was probably the most likely goal we could reach. But the rest of us were all like noooo that doesnt feel right. Then an Elder raised his hand and said "This may sound weird but in Alma 45:3 'And Helaman said unto him; Yea, I believe.'" In that moment, we all knew that was the goal for the year. There was no discussion or argument about it. It was such a neat experience to feel the spirit testify to us of this goal. So we tied this into our training we had to give. We told the story of the Anti Nephi Lehies and committed everyone to "bury a weapon" that would hold them back from reaching this goal. The spirit was so strong and everyone told us they loved it. I just want to reflect on the story of the Anti Nephi Lehies though. The greatest thing I have learned from this story is that there is always something standing between me and God, so what weapon am I holding onto that I can bury that will bring my closer to Him? I know this a daily process and reflection I need to have because I am far from perfect. Everyday we need to try to get closer and closer to our Heavenly Father.

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