Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet the Mormons!

This week has been beyond hectic, and rainy. I swear I may need to live in AZ or California forever because rain saddens my soul.

My spiritual cup is just overflowing right now I can't even handle it. How blessed are we to be apart of a Church that believes the heavens are open and that God still speaks. I LOVE personal revelation. I have had so many opportunities to experience the spirit reveal things to me. It has been remarkable.

Funny experience this week. Tuesday we were in a tri-companionship because a sister finished her mission and went home. Well, when I woke up that morning thinking, something crazy is going to happen. Well, early that afternoon, we get a call from a RM who was walking off the plane from getting home from Brazil. She told us that she wasn't getting released til that evening and wanted to come out with us. So we went on splits. The other sisters went to our lessons and her and I went and contacted less actives. It was great! It was wonderful to hear about missionary work in Brazil. I love that this is the same message and spirit that is being spread all around the world. 88,034 my friends!!

Now I have to tell you about our investigator! AHH He's so stinking great. As our Branch President put it "He's the most active nonmember of our branch." Just to describe how awesome he is, he came to church Sunday, FHE last night, we are meeting with him tonight ,then he's going to volleyball, feeding us dinner tomorrow, going to institute Thursday, and then we are meeting with him Saturday! So, Saturday we had a lesson with him and we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation but when we got in there her told us that he studied the Restoration pamphlet and asked if we could talk about prophets and priesthood. HOW AWESOME! Once we talked about that we talked about baptism. At first, he said that he was wanting to take things slow to make sure about everything but as we kept talking he said that he was committed to this Church and that he knew that on this path, everything would work out! So, we challenged him to be baptized Nov 15 right then and there! Ah the Lord prepares these people--we just have to open our mouths.

Now for my favorite part of my whole mission. We had Mission Conference yesterday (hence my email today) and Elder Sitati of the Seventy came and spoke to us. His words were soooo inspiring. I can't pick just one thing that I loved but I received so much revelation and I feel so changed. One thing he said that struck me was "Knowing the gospel is true is the essence of testimony and being true to the gospel is the essence of conversion."  He also talked a lot about the spirit. Something that he highlighted for me is that the spirit can empower and ennable us. When we have the courage and strength to do something beyond our own abilities its because the Spirit is with us and is leading us. Now for the crowning event....we watched Meet the Mormons. When our mission president told us we were watching it, all 240 missionaries cheered in the chapel while Elder Sitati was leaving. T
he movie was wonderful! How blessed are we to be apart of this Church with such Christ-like people! The Church is true my friends!

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