Friday, January 23, 2015

One Year Gone My Friends!

So I hit my year mark everyone. That is right! July 31, 2013 I entered the MTC and became a missionary. Honestly, I know without a doubt just as much then and probably even more now that this is the best decision I could have ever made. I have learned and grown so much these past 12 months and I feel so blessed to be a part of this work. This week, a guy in our ward said that a mission is the most selfless selfish thing we could ever do. How right he was! This is because we are dedicating our lives to the Lord but in the process we become the people God wants us to be. AH, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.
This week was great. I decided that in the face of all this adversity, I could continue to be a pill and be selfish or I could have a serious attitude adjustment and remain humble and positive. I chose the second option! So the week really turned around for us.

Sis. Nordstrom has still been a lot of pain due to the whiplash so we decided that she should still rest but that we couldn't afford not to go out and work another 2 days. So we found some members that were willing to "babysit" her (haha I call it babysitting because she's my child and I def was a nervous "mother" leaving her for the first time) and we found a young women who was free for 2 days to come out with me and be my companion. And man did the Lord provide. Despite all the setbacks we have been having, we caught up with all of our investigators and our numbers! We even got all the numbers at the beginning of the week for our key indicators so that I could stay with Sis. Nordstrom and help her rest the rest of the week. The Lord saw that we were doing our best with the hand that we were dealt and He helped us out so much.
Also, I mentioned several weeks ago that we started teaching a woman who was a referral from the Mahaffeys and that she has tons of potential and we invited her to baptism and she said yes. Well after that lesson and after she came to church, she basically fell off the planet. We couldnt get a hold of her at all. We called, texted, and even stopped by several times and we could never find her! Well despite the discouragement of it all, I kept praying my hardest every day that we would get a hold of her and help get on track for baptism because she is sooo prepared I feel it in my heart! Well we finally did! We stopped by Saturday and she was there! And the visit was just perfect we were able to strengthen and encourage her that opposition will come but she needs to not be scared and remain firm in what she feels is right! And we were able to testify of Gods love and our love for her! And shes been reading still everyday and she said shes been feeling the spirit so much and shes been acting on the promptings she feels. AH I just love her so much! We hope to set a baptismal date soon!
Man, guys, the church is true. Despite some of the setbacks, we are still seeing success and that's because it isn't our work, its the Lords! How lucky we get to be a part of it! I also realized how much joy I receive from doing this work. Not being able to work for a couple days put me in a  real bad mood but getting back to spreading the gospel brought me sooo much joy! I don't know what I will do when I get home and I won't get the blessing of focusing on spreading the gospel 24/7! I love this work and I feel so blessed to be apart of it!

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