Monday, January 26, 2015

It's All Good in the Hood...

Oh man! Life couldn't get any better than right now! I just love being a missionary and I love being in the YSA (Young Single Adult Ward). It's been sooo fun and we have seen so much success. It's crazy to see how the Lord is hastening His work in this part of the vineyard.

Our schedule was packed this week, which is shocking because we just got here! But, there are so many people here that are waiting to hear the message of the restored gospel or come back to church and strengthen their testimony again. God is definitely guiding us here and I am so grateful for His hand in all things!

This week we gave trainings to both St. Louis zone and South Zone (the zones which we cover). We explained the importance of the set up of the YSA and how it is inspired by the Lord. We also pleaded for their help because we can't do it without them. Due to this, we received several referrals from these missionaries of investigators they are teaching that qualify for the YSA. It's been great! We went from 0 to 6 investigators!! 

Miracle after miracle my friends. First, we found 2 less actives this week that said they want to come back to church they just don't know how! It was so amazing to bear my testimony to each of them that God's hand is always outstretched to us. That when we feel like His presence is missing, it's because we have turned away from Him. I also loved showing each of these sisters' love. It was interesting that both of them admitted that they have definitely felt a hole in their lives without the Gospel. We don't ever really realize how many holes the Gospel fills in our lives. And due to our meeting with these sisters, one of them came to church yesterday!!! It was wonderful. She loved it! I know that God is preparing His children to receive us and come back to church! We are playing Nancy Drew and trying to find them.

Another miracle happened when we were trying to contact another LA. She was actually from my last area and I really wanted to see her now that I am in the YSA and get her to come. Back story: We had a couple lessons with her 6 months ago but since then I have been unable to reach her or meet with her. So we were on our way to see her, when I remembered she worked at the West County mall which we just so happened to be driving by! So we stopped and went to her work and she was totally working! And she was soooo excited to see us! It was amazing. We explained the YSA and we invited her to church and committed her to come! AND SHE TOTALLY CAME! Which is huge because she bailed on everything the last 6 months. And she even told us that she was really glad she came and that she would be coming next week! We plan to see her this week for girls lunch! Thank heavens for spiritual promptings!

So we set an official baptismal date and time with our investigator! She even came to church yesterday! Which was great because she works every Sunday, but she says she should be getting her schedule switched soon. Answered Prayers! She is sooo excited to be baptized. We had dinner and a lesson last night at a members home and it was so great. We watched Pres. Monsons talk and she totally felt the spirit and said that she knew he was a prophet! 

My spiritual theme this week was definitely the anchor that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in our lives. As we talk with investigators and less actives, they disclose to us the trials and hardships in their lives and they just believe that God loves them or has  hand in their lives. I have been given the wonderful blessing to testify to each of these people that God does loves them and that when the live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they will be anchored in their faith through the hard times they face. When we experience trials, we can remain firm with a knowledge that when we live the gospel, blessing will come. When we struggle we know that good things are coming! I know this is gospel of a message of happiness, joy, and love!

Success this week and more success to come my friends! Its a wonderful day to be in St. Louis! Love you all and miss you!

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