Friday, January 23, 2015

Lots of People to Teach!

The reason I title my email like that this week is because I am overwhelmed with how many people we are teaching! We set a transfer goal to try really hard to find a new investigator every week and to have a strong teaching pool of 6-10. Little did I know that when we set this goal that we would exceed it above and beyond! We found 2 new investigators this week and we are teaching 12 solid people! The crazy thing about all of this is that it's not like we are tracting for hours to find these people, the Lord is placing them in our paths! It's been so remarkable. The Lord is mindful of our goals and He helps us be successful when we earnestly pray, are obedient, and work hard!
First off, Happy Anniversary to my parents last week! Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate this past week! Thanks for being wonderful examples to me!
This week we went on exchanges. The bummer was that while on exchanges, a lot of our appts cancelled and it was pouring rain! So it was sooo hard to figure out the best things to do for several hours. But, I didn't give up my faith and we worked hard to follow the spirit. By doing this, we got back in contact with an investigator and we finally were able to contact a Less Active, which was the biggest miracle of my week. To preface this story, so there was this Less Active that was a Do Not Contact, but we kept trying to contact her to see if sisters would help. In the past, apparently, she's been hostile but every time we would stop by she would just say that she was sick or busy and to come back later. Well this week when we stopped by, she came out and talked to us for awhile and was crying and very emotional. She disclosed to us that her sister had passed away and she was in grief. She also told us that ever since we have been stopping by she has been trying to read the Book of Mormon and praying to get her faith back. She said she couldnt get it back but that when people told her to remove her name she just couldn't do it because she didn't want to cut ties with the Church (the whole time she was saying this she was crying). We testified to her that we are sisters and children of God and that He loves her so much and that we love her. We offered to just stop by and be her friends and to be there for her! She said she'd really appreciate that and would love for us to come back. Then when we left we offered a prayer and I felt the spirit take over as I tried to offer the most sincere prayer I could from my heart. The spirit was really strong and I was so grateful for God's love!
We also had something similar to us at the beginning of the week. We finished up dinner at a members home and we didn't have much time left, but I remembered a name the RS Pres told us to check out because no one knew who she was. So, we went by her home and had a great convo. She told us that she was raised in the Church but that too many bad things happened growing up that she couldn't come back at that time. She said that she still believed in it all but it was too hard for her to come at that point at that she wasn't ready too yet. Again, we told her that we love her and that Heavenly father loves her and that if she needed anything to let us know. She also told us we could come by anytime.
I have really relied on the spirit this week and I have seen that as I have acted on spiritual promptings that I am way more sensitive to the spirit and that I will always see miracles. Something that stood out to me about these two experiences is first, that our job is soooo important. Each of these woman were so appreciative for what we do and for the spirit that we have. It is our job as missionaries to spread God's Love. That as we love people then they can feel of God's love. What an honor! Second, I realized that both of these woman let the small things stand in the way of their faith. Sometimes we may not understand things about the gospel, or why things happen to us, but we must always maintain an eternal perspective. We must stick to the things that we do know. Because God loves us and he has a perfect plan for us!
Also, yesterday we sand in church and guess who came! Pres. Morgan!!!! Ah I wanted to throw. Plus we taught primary and we had an RM who served in the Philippines guess star as Ammon! (hence the picture) It was so fun!
Well I love you all so much! Just remember that God loves you and that this gospel is so important and life changing. Never give up on the things you know and believe!

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