Monday, January 26, 2015

A Festivus for the Rest of Us!

This week was soooo stellar! Luckily we only had one exchange so I got to spend most of the week with my beloved Firestone!

First item of good news! Our investigator passed his interview yesterday and will be baptized this Sunday!! What a great way to end the year and the transfer!

Again we had just a greaaat week! I had a really good friend that went home recently and that served here and recommended that we go visit a former investigator that she taught while she was here. So, while we were trying to find her apartment, we were talking to some people and this girl grabs us and says she knows someone who needs Jesus. Well, when we got to this other woman's apartment we were talking to them both when we realized the girl that grabbed us was super drunk.  Well, I definitely haven't had that happen to me on my mission before. We skidaddled out of there real quickly though. Anyway, we found the former investigator and she is wonderful! She told us she still really wants to get baptized because she knows the church is true, but her work schedule got in the way! We are going back this week to teach her and we picked up her son's friend has an investigator too. I love how the Lord has just placed people in our paths.

I played my cello at our Relief Society party. It was great! But my major spiritually highlight came from the party. They had a member of the temple Presidency speak at our Relief Society party and it was sooo great. They talked all about the temple and its importance in our lives and how it needs to be the center of our lives all year round. She said something that really stood out to me, she said that the temple is the one place we can really get to know the Savior. Later that week, I was studying something my dad sent me and it said that when Christ tells us to be perfect like our Father in Heaven is perfect that he is stating the extent of our potential. The Lord wouldn't tell us to be perfect if we didn't have the capability to do so. The Lord would not set us up to fail. He knows our potential and our potential is to become like our Heavenly Father. I related this to the importance of temple worship. Some people think temple worship is weird and they don't understand why we dedicate so much time to doing it but there is no other way for us to reach our potential than by attending the temple. I love the temple so much and it is such a significant blessing in my life!

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