Monday, January 26, 2015

BailFire Without the Fire

It happened! My companion, Sis Firestone went home to Utah today. I will really, truly miss my best friend. But it's okay I will see her soon enough!

For now, I am in a trio with some sisters in an area near us. I get my new companion, Sis. Oberfield, on Wednesday! She's from Arizona so she is sooo going to prep me to return to the AZ.

This week was soooo phenomenal!!! I couldn't ask for another way to end the transfer.  I will start with Christmas Eve. Sis Firestone had this super great idea to as a Less active to make cookies and write Christmas cards and then we would deliver them to a nursing home. So, Christmas Eve we stopped by a nursing home and gave each of the residents cookies and a Christmas card. One of the little old ladies said to us, "You will have such a blessed Christmas because you are blessing so many others." It was sooo sweet. It felt amazing to be able to do pure, Christ-like service for people we didn't even know.

Christmas, we went to a members home and watch movies and Skyped our families! It was so great to be able to talk to my fam. I just can't even handle how much they have grown and changed. I'm not even sure I will fit in anymore because of how awesome they have become. We also got to watch Frozen. It was super fun! A great Christmas indeed!

So now for the miracles. We had a lesson with our investigators and in our last lesson, we invited them to pray individually and as a family. Well to preface, neither of them were raised with religion and both of them had never really prayed before. So we taught them how to pray and committed them to do it. Well, we had lunch at their house and for another lesson. As we got started, the husband said told us "Having you in my house has changed us and changed the feeling here." H
e also told us that they both had been praying all week and everything worked out this week. The husband even told us that one time when he was praying he has a super uncomfortable weird feeling he never had before, but he liked it, and then he started crying. We were shocked. It was wonderful to see a testimony beginning to grow within them and to promise them that that was the spirit was working with them! It was amazing. Our calling as missionaries is marvelous and we have a certain power and spirit within us that nobody else does. It was amazing too see that that day.

Also, on Sunday, we had a baptism!!!!! Our investigator Edwin got baptized! He was soooo stoked and soooo happy. When he came up out of the water he was beaming and just held his hands to his hand. Its been wonderful to see his journey and his transformation! We are soooo lucky to have the job of  teaching the fullness of the gospel!!

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