Monday, January 26, 2015

Good Ole Illinois

I'm super excited to be serving in IL because I have served in Indiana and MO but never Illinois. I will have served in 3 states on my mish. Its back to hickville everybody. I have been serving in the city for the last 9 months so this has been quite the adjustment. 

This was was really hard and really wonderful. I didn't realize that leaving my last area would be one of the hardest things I would ever do in my life. It was like leaving home again. Tears were definitely shed. My branch Pres and his wife couldn't hide the tears and neither could I.  They both said the kindest and most encouraging words ever. They have definitely touched my life for the better. Little do people realize the impact they have on missionaries. The people in the YSA saw what I could become and encouraged me and helped me work towards my potential. The Lord has soooo much in store for us and we don't even know it!

But this are has been great so far! I'm only barely realizing how busy and crazy the life of an Sister Training Leader is. Our schedule is full of planning, meetings and exchanges. We already had a 6 hr meeting Friday to discuss the needs of the mission and the upcoming transfer! It was so great to be apart of the bigger picture. The Lord is definitely qualifying me but I feel so honored. Plus, I'm with my best friend Sister Firestone again so the universe is great. 

So miracle. As leaders in the mission, we are expected to reach our goals every week in our numbers! But with transfers and MLC we didn't have a lot of time to meet with people. But the Lord is marvelous and works miracles. One in specific, we saw this PM/LA family that we teach Sat and invited them to church Sunday and they totally came! Sister Firestone said they haven't come at all since she's been here! We also set a baptismal date for Dec 28! Miracles are being wrought folks!

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