Monday, January 26, 2015

How Blessed We Are to Have a Prophet

So we got transfer calls the other night and Sis. Sperry and I are staying another 6 weeks! I'm so stoked! We have a lot to accomplish these next 6 weeks! When I told our Branch President that we were staying, he said that if we had called him with different news he would've called the mission President right up with some choice words. It was pretty funny!

This week was spectacular! Last week we made a resolve to ourselves that we would work really, really hard and try to accomplish as much as we could! Well the Lord does provide when we have a goal! We beat member present record and we found 3 new investigators this week! Man did we work. 

One of those new investigators was a blessing in and of itself. At FHE Monday, a member brought her friend and I was on his team for our activity. Well, I got to talking with him and asked him if he was attending a church and he said no! So I asked him if hed like to learn more about ours. And he said yes!! So we went by and gave a him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appt for Saturday! Well on Saturday he told us that he went to volleyball with the Branch on Tues and that he saw they were having institute on FB and he wanted to go (even though he didn't know what it was) and he went. And he said he loved it! And then we invited him to conference second session Sunday and he came to that too! Talk about golden investigator! He says he has felt so welcomed and loved that he just wants to keep coming back! And while we were on our way to his appt, we met another potential! The Lord has blessed us so much!
Cool experience with conference. Right before the morning Sunday session with conference, we had to teach our investigator a hard commandment that we knew he wouldn't be super willing to live. We taught it to him and he took it better than we thought it did! Then he came and watched conference with us and the first 3 talks were all about commandments and obeying the prophet! It was perfect! I love that we can always bank on the words of the prophet!!

I had a really neat spiritual experience with studying this week. I was struggling with something and I decided to read Elder Holland's talk "The First Great Commandment." While I was reading the scriptural liberty he took when talking about a conversation Christ had with Peter, the Spirit overwhelmed me with the answers I needed. What stood out to me was when Elder Holland said "Why are we back here? Why are we having this same conversation?... I need disciples and I need them forever..... You cannot go back and you cannot quit." We chose God's Plan. We knew the conditions when coming to this Earth but we also know the outcome if we decide to stay on the path of discipleship. We will be led safely home, eternal life with our Heavenly Father!

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