Monday, January 26, 2015

A YSA Baptism!

This week was marvelous. We had our first official baptism in the YSA since they have received full time missionaries! It was so powerful and so wonderful! Baptisms always remind me of why I am here and what our purpose is as missionaries. It's wonderful to see hard work pay off. Plus, after her baptism, she came to the Women's Broadcast and she loved it. Ironically, it was all about going to the temple and making and keeping covenants! Perfect for a new member of the church!

I first want to share some highlight experiences this week! In preparation for Jaimie's baptism, we went to the temple and taught her about eternal marriage, temple ordinances, and family history work. Well, before her lesson we were at Logan College of Chiropractic for their club day and we saw this less active who goes there and he said he was done with class and had nothing to do so we invited him to the lesson at the temple. The spirit was so wonderful and they both loved it. We had a lesson afterwards with an investigator and we had no female members to come with us (because he is a male) and Jaimie and the less active said they would come. What wonderful people we get to work with! The less active told us later that he loved that and that he is making the temple a goal and he won't let anything get in his way!

We had another cool experience this week. We had a lesson with our investigator and we planned to teach him the Plan of Salvation, but we were both just not feeling it, so then we taught him a different lesson but it just was rough and he didn't seem to really be there. So, later we brought him some cookies and asked him about how he's been feeling everything. And he said that since he's been meeting with us and reading the Book of Mormon, he's had way more calls for job interviews. It was sooo great so see him connect the blessings from reading the Book of Mormon!

So yesterday was the best day ever. We sang the youth theme song "Come Unto Christ" in church, Jaimie received the Holy Ghost, she got a temple recommend to go to the temple Friday, and she got a calling! AH! SO great! Also we had a bunch of meetings with the branch yesterday and something that a member of the Branch Presidency said something that really struck me. He said "Folks, we are building Zion here, and building Zion takes work." Each one of us are building Zion. How great is this calling? We have been promised that the fulness of the Gospel will never taken from the Earth again, so we are preparing for Christ to come again! How exciting is that!

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