Monday, January 26, 2015

BailFire on the Daily

BailFire is mine and Sis. Firestone's nickname. We answer the phone like that sometimes and its pretty funny. It feels so good to be back with my best friend! Plus, I get to work with a really good friend that I served with this time a year ago! The Lord is blessing me especially because of the withdrawals I am having of St. Louis.

This week just flew by! I cannot even believe it! We had Pres. Interviews Tuesday, a Zone Meeting in Cape Girardeau (which is 3 hrs away so we had to drive 6 hrs that day :/) and then Thanksgiving! I did not expect my life to get this busy!

First, I will update you on my thanksgiving! We went to 2 members homes and it was super fun! It was fun to just celebrate the holiday and relax. No worries though, we paced ourselves so we wouldn't blow up by the end of the night! It was a super fun day that passed by too quickly.

This week was tough. We didn't reach our goals and I seriously feel like we tried sooo hard. But we struckout at every house we went too. It was nuts. Well, I was getting pretty discouraged especially because we fasted on Sunday as a District to see miracles and for our goals and all the other missionaries saw miracles besides us.  As I was reflecting on this, I was thinking to myself, this is why I don't have a testimony of fasting. And then I totally had some far out revelation about the whole thing. I realized that although we didn't reach our goals or see any marvelous miracles, Heavenly Father gave me so many opportunities to bear a powerful testimony this week of our Savior. As many of you have heard, the Church has come out with a Christmas initiative and has put up this new video called "He is the Gift." With the intiative, the church has provided missionaries with 300 specialty pass-along xmas cards to pass out and give to members nad nonmembers and have encouraged us to focus on this new video and on the Savior. As we have participated in this initiative this week I have seen miracles within myself. I have new testimony of fasting because I have seen that through fasting, Heavenly Father gave me the spiritual strength to continue moving forward and to take every opportunity to bear my testimony of the savior!

What a marvelous time it is to be a member of the church! To see gospel roll forward throughout the earth! I am sooo grateful that I get to assist in this work at this time! I have seen that as I have come closer to my Savior that he has helped me sooo much. And how wonderful it is that we get to go around testifying of him and His love! Ah the church is true.

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