Monday, January 26, 2015

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges and Exhaustion

This week Sis Firestone and I went on 4 EXCHANGES!! Needless to say when we finally got back together on Saturday we were exhausted, emotionally and physically. Plus, we super missed each other.

As for our week it was great! For the first half of the week I was on exchanges in the sisters areas and then the second half of the week I stayed here on exchanges. There are so many things I didn't realize with this calling. One of them being how important we are to the sisters. We give them the opportunity to open up to us and for us to help them and advise them in their areas and in their companionship. It's an honor really. I feel like I wasn't expecting to be so emotionally exhausted but Im grateful the Lord ahs given me this wonderful opportunity to serve and grow.

What's so amazing about this calling as well is how much the Lord makes up the difference for us. Because we go on so many exchanges and have to do so much travelling to exchange, we have limited time to actually work our area. But, the Lord helped us tremendously and totally helped us reach our goals. It's miraculous to see how much the Lord makes up for our weaknesses.

One miracle that happened this week is that we finally got in contact with our investigator who lives with members. As I was getting to know her, she said she's been reading everyday and going to church every week and admitted that she knew that this is Christ's Church. And I asked her why she wasn't baptized and she said she was scared to make a serious decision without knowing everything. I was able to testify to her of the blessings of baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost! It was great! And now she's praying to see if she should be baptized on Dec 27th!

I also had the BEST studies ever this week. I have been trying to read the Book Of Mormon again with the institute manual and I am receiving sooo much revelation its nuts. So I was reading this week about Nephi breaking his bow. In the manual, it talks about  how sometimes it doesn't matter how obedient we are or how righteously we are living trials will still come. But, when they come, it is because the Lord sees it fit for us to continue growing! So when hard times come its not because we are being punished, it is to help us along our path back to our Heavenly Father!

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