Friday, January 23, 2015

Lack of Car Blues...

So this week our car has been in the shop all week and we won't get it back until Wednesday! Bumdog millionaire. So we borrowed some bikes, but what's sooo coool is that we didn't even use them one bit! The ward really helped us out and gave us rides everywhere that we need to go! It was wonderful. Our ward is so great!!
This was probably one of the busiest weeks I have had my whole mission! We have been seeing so much success in this area. The Lord is blessing and this area so much. I feel like He really trusts us to teach His children the Gospel.
For the 5th week in a row we picked up new investigator. She is a former from the YSA, but the Branch Pres and his wife want sisters to teach her. So we met her with her for the first time this week. She has been to church already! We had such a wonderful lesson about God's Love and she asked some great questions! She even said that when she wasn't coming to church or reading the scriptures she noticed the absence of the spirit in her life! HOW MUCH MORE SOLID CAN SHE GET. And she even came to church yesterday and to the YSA Linger Longer. In the RS lesson, they taught about baptism so our investigator had a tons of questions about baptism and asked if she could see the font! We showed her the font and then had a good lesson. We answered all her questions about baptism and then talked about trials and how Satan would work hard to distract her away from this great path she is on. She said she has noticed that since she has been meeting with us she feels so much happier! She even admitted a desire to be baptized!! AH! She's great and we love her. We hope to set a baptismal date with her soon!
We also are teaching another friend of a YSA and he is doing sooooo well! He is almost in 2 Nephi and we have noticed such a spiritual growth in him since he has been reading and taking the lessons. He even said that when he reads he finds answers to his prayers and if he has a bad day, he just reads the BofM and it makes him forget all the bad stuff. He is so awesome! We invited him to be baptized and he said yes!! While we were teaching him, I just felt the spirit confirm to me so strongly that soon he will be a member! I just know it with my whole heart! He even came to the Linger Longer yesterday and really enjoyed it. We are meeting with him tomorrow morning so I will keep y'all updated!
We also had dinner with a LA this week and her active mother. We asked the LA if we could teach her every week and help her come back to church (because she started to come back then stopped) and told us yes and that she'd really enjoy that. She said that she really likes us a lot! I was beaming!
My favorite thing about being a missionary is meeting people and loving them. I feel like I have been blessed tri-fold in this area. I have met soo many people that I love so dearly. As the transfer is ending this week, it kills me to think I may have to leave. These people have definitely becoming my family.
This week, while talking to some girls that are prepareing for their missions, I was telling them that at the beginning of my mission, everything I was studying and learning was so fresh and new to me that I would always cry. Every lesson I taught and every testimony I bore  made me cry. The feeling of the spirit was so strong and so new to me. But now that I have been out so long, I don't really feel that anymore. At first I was worried, I thought something was wrong with me. But then I realized that it'
s because when I bear my testimony and teach these lessons, I know that the things I am saying are true. I know that they are true with my whole heart. I know it within every cell of my body. I love being able to testify to these girls that a mission is the best decision they could make for themselves. I love my mission! I am so eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve!

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