Friday, January 23, 2015

The LIfe of a MSLM YSA Missionary....

I love St. Louis! I love the YSA! I love being a mission! Everything is just sooo great and soo wonderful and I'm so happy!

My new comp name is Sis. Sperry and she's from Spanish, Fork UT and she's been out 5 months. We have already soooo much fun and I really love her! She's so excited and enthusiastic about the work! I know she will be great here!
The YSA is soo great! Everyone is ready to do missionary work! The Branch is awesome and our Branch President and his wife love us so much and are so supportive. I have never felt so embraced by such a great group our young single adults. So, we cover ALL of St. Louis and our area is huge. We have 160 records of YSA in our branch and 1315 records of YSA's not in our branch in the St.Louis area. SO, we have a lot of work to do. We currently are working on organizing on where everyone is and finding some of these YSA and help them come to the branch. But, we are currently trying to work with the missionaries in each other family wards to help find these people and to find YSA's to teach. We are doing trainings the next 2 weeks and we have a meeting with Zone Leaders and the mission President this week to game plan. Seriously, it's so nuts! We just got here and we are insanely busy! But I love it. I am so honored that the mission President has trusted me to pilot this new area and a new way of doing YSA Branch in the mission!
We already have some appts this week with some investigators and we already are teaching 2 people. One of which I brought with me from my last area! We taught her the Plan Of Salvation this week and it was so great. We invited to be baptized and prepare for the 27th of September! She excitedly said yes and she told us shes been thinking a lot about baptism that last several weeks! And last night at our Branch Labor Day BBQ she was telling everyone the she is getting baptized! It was sooo exciting! Ah she'
s wonderful!
This week has just been a testimony to me of how the Lord has a hand in all thing and how the work is hastening! He has truly provided so many miracles thus far and I know we will see many more to come. 
Sorry this is short but we have little time! But for Labor Day, Sis. Sperry and I went to the city and "cake-hunted." For St. Louis's 250th bday, they planted 250 bday cakes all over St. Louis so we tried to find some of them

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