Monday, January 26, 2015

"When the Cold of Winter Comes..."

For those of you who aren't as dweeby as me, the subject title is from the theme song from the Lord of the Rings. You're welcome. But seriously, it's soooooo cold here! 

I LOVE MY COMPANION. Sis. Oberfield is so wonderful and exactly what I needed this transfer. I really love her a ton!

This week was nuts! Because there were no holidays, no meetings, and only one exchange, we were able to work super hard in our area. It was awesome and we saw some serious miracles! One of them being this awesome new investigator. Our appts cancelled last week so we were contacting some potentials. One of the woman we contacted opened up the door and we asked her about her Christmas. She said it was tough because her sister died. So we talked a little about the Plan Of Salvation and set up a return appt. But as we were leaving she told us that she was Methodist and not interested in converting but was totally willing to listen. Well we went back this week and as we were getting to know her she told us that one of her main beliefs was continuous revelation. Then as we kept talking she was like "I just love genealogy, I feel like its a special calling to me." And then she was said " Oh I've been so excited to have you guys come all week. Recently I found some members in my family history that were at Hans Mill." We were freaking out at how prepared this woman was. We were able to testify that we want to take the things that she already knows/believes and add to them which will bring her greater peace and direction in her life. It was amazing. After that, she was totally willing to take the lessons! It was amazing to see how prepared she was.

Also, yesterday we had like a #mesagirlsprob They cancelled church after sacrament meeting due to warnings of freezing rain but it didn't even happen. It was so weird. Anyway, we still had our PM family that we are teaching come to church again!! This is the 3rd week in a row that have come to church and their mom (who is the member) didn't come again. We hope to set a date soon and get those kids baptized.

Oh my goodness to day I had the best studies! I read the talk from Priesthood session last Conference, "Guided Safely Home" by Pres. Monson. I loved the analogy he made about us being ships and how we need the direction provided by the rudder to guide us safely to the port. Pres Monson promises us in the talk that if we are on the path to going "home" we will be protected. It really made me think about my life. And I realized that when we are keeping the commandments and doing whats right, we wont be exempt from lifes "storms" but we will have the necessary tools and gear to keep us protected and to help us move forward. If we want to be safe and return "home" we must keep the commandments!

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