Friday, January 23, 2015

21 Never Felt So....Old!

This week was really good! I had someone want to celebrate my birthday with me every day! It was great! I even got a virgin strawberry dacquiri! It was sooo cool. I felt real rad.
 Although it was my birthday, it was a hard week too. I felt pretty down. The mission is hard but all you can do is rely on Heavenly Father and keep going!

This week we brought our investigator, who is doing so well and who i know will get baptized, to the temple! We had a lesson on the grounds and the spirit was soo strong. We taught him about eternal marriage, baptisms for the dead, and the wonderful covenants we get to make with God. He LOVED IT. HE said he is beginning to believe that all of these things are true and he really wants to make these covenants. But he wants to strengthen his testimony before he gets baptized! AH, He's so wonderful! He even came to church yesterday and loved it! The glitch we ran into with him is that he is moving to Indianapolis this week and then is going to school in a month to UCLA. BUT, we got permission to skype him that month while he is in Indianapolis so he can continue to progress. I know he will be baptized. I see this incredible light in him. I feel so blessed to know him.
So transfer calls!!!! Ready......... I'm leaving! I'm so sad, but it's in reality not that sad. I am opening the St. Louis YSA! The reason why its not sad is because the Branch Pres and his wife live in my current are and the branch meets right after my current ward! So, I will still be able to see everybody!!! It's the best goodbye I've ever experienced! This will be an adventure though because we are the first full time missionaries to be in the YSA and we cover 2 stakes which is unheard of in our mission. So it will be interesting. I'm soo excited for this new adventure and to get things rolling. I feel honored that Pres. Morgan trusted me to do this. When I called the Branch President and his wife to tell them the good news though, President Blair wasn't even excited. I asked him why and he said because when they met with the mission president to talk about getting missionaries, he requested me to come and that he has known since then I would be coming (that was weeks ago). haha So, its feels great to already have some footing in the branch! I'm excited for my new calling!

This week we also went to a Christian Science church. It was actually really good and I really enjoyed it and it really made me feel good! I've been thinking about our experience there all week and I was thinking that if someone went to that church they probably wouldn't feel the need to come to ours or find the truth because we have such similar beliefs and everyone is as equally as nice. Then it hit me at the temple, although the Christian Science church was great and everyone was so kind, they don't have the full truth, or the proper authority, and thus don't get to participate in the wonderful ordinances of the temple. That is why it's important to seek our Christ's church. Because through His church, we can participate in ordinances that will prepare us and qualify us to return to him!

Being at the temple, especially after a tough week, was great. I felt the spirit there heal me. My testimony truly strengthened of the importance of the temple. Sis Nordstrom turned to me this week and said that she will never forget something I told her. And I was like "what is that?" And she said "That baptism is the first step but we want everyone to eventually end up at the temple."
The work we do is so eternal and the covenants we make will bless us through the eternities! A certain quote has stood out to me all week by Elder Holland. He said "Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come til heaven. But when we live the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." No other church can bring such eternal blessings and happiness!

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