Monday, January 26, 2015

I Love Answered Prayers!

Wow. Another week has gone by. I was talking to Sis Sperry last night and since I only have about 4 months left on my mission I am pretty sure I will have one more area after this one. As I was reflecting on this idea, I realized that my mission literally could not get any better than right now. No other area can bring me as much happiness as this one does right now. I am so happy its probably illegal!!! :)
This week was definitely full of disappointments and success. It's crazy!!! First, at church yesterday we had 4 investigators and 5 less actives, and 2 recent converts that we invited from other areas come! We had a slew of people there because we reached out and invited them! Ah. We were running around like chickens with our heads cut off just making sure that we could make sure everyone was doing okay and knew where they needed to go! It was a HUGE blessing from our Heavenly Father.

So like I said, at the beginning of the week, it was kinda rough. All of our appts bailed. Literally. It was so sad. Last week we did so well and this week by Thursday we had only see one of our investigators. I was so bummed. It really got me down. Well, why we were driving one day, I disclosed to my companion that I was super bummed and I asked her advice about how not to get discouraged about not seeing any of our investigators. The Lord totally hears us and is concerned what we are concerned with! Because that night we received 2 phone calls both with referrals for us! And we saw both of those people this week and started teaching them! What was so miraculous about this to me is that I didn't kneel down and pray for help, but the Lord still heard me and still knew the intents of my heart. This is the Lord's work and we seriously are just His humble servants!
One of those investigators is seriously the coolest person ever! So he was a referral from the Washington Elders! Quick background: Washington, MO is like an hour from us and no on comes to the YSA from there because it's so far and we arent even allowed to go there because its so far. So we called him and invited him to church and double and triple checked that he knew it was far and was okay with it. And believe it or not, HE SHOWED UP TO CHURCH. And he loved it. And he has a baptismal date for Oct 11. God is preparing His children.
We also met this week with the sweetest less active in the world. He told us that he was inactive for 5 years because of something bad that happened in his home ward but that his brother begged him to go back to church. So he said hes starting to come back and really wants to go to the temple. Well, Sunday morning we texted everyone that we invited to church that we were super excited to see them. And this less active was someone that we texted and he totally came to church! And he told us that the reason he came was because we texted him. And he loved it. Ah, this work is so great!
A quote I heard this week from Spencer W. Kimball "Its easier to find ourselves because there is so much more of us to find." I know that this principle is sooo true when is comes to serving the Lord. I just know that this gospel brings never ending happiness unlike anything else. I couldn'

t imagine being happier doing anything else right now!

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