Monday, January 26, 2015

The Work Goes On...

This week was a blur but all I can say is that it was wonderful. So many great things are happening here! I cant even handle it!

I first want to just express how much I love my companion! She's so great to me and I couldn't ask for anybody better! And this is why: to preface, a long time ago I told Sis. Sperry how I had a pretty awful 21 b'day (don't worry mom I'm okay). So, now fast forward, Monday, we made plans to do something with another set of sisters and they said that they got busy and couldn't meet us at our place till 3pm. We were waiting for them and writing letters at our apt when at 2:30,  we get this rapid knock. The STL's showed up and said they had a surprise for us but they had to blindfold us. They blindfolded us and took us somewhere but they told us they would make sure we would be back for the other sisters. Well, when they took off my blindfold, we were at a bowling alley with all the sisters from the zone and Sis. Sperry didn't even have one on! Sis Sperry planned a "re-b'day" 2 months after my actual b'day! She coordinated this whole secret party for me with cake and all! It was so sweet I cried!!!! And it gets a member of the Branch Presidency signed up for dinner and we met them at this fancy restaurant. Well, when we got there, the whole Branch Presidency was there and they had a b'day hat and sash and wand for me and presents! It was marvelous. I am eternally grateful to be serving with such a wonderful companion and in an area where I feel so much love. I know that if I hadnt decided to serve a mission, I would have never had these experiences and met all these amazing people! I LOVE MY MISSION! 

The work is going great! I think because we had such a great start to the week that the whole week was great! We taught great lessons, we found a new investigator, and 4 investigators came to church yesterday! It was marvelous! Plus the weather was beautiful!

We saw our investigator this week who is getting baptized Nov 15 and he has been acting super weird....At our lesson with him we asked him a million times what was wrong and he kept avoiding the question. In the lesson, we asked him how he felt about his baptism and he finally admitted he has a problem with tithing! So we taught him it and he still was uneasy. Well, he met with out Branch President yesterday for 2 hrs and came out a totally different person. We are super excited to meet with him this week and follow up with it all.

There's a saying that Sis Sperry has that I have become recently obsessed with. She says "If you always do what youve always done, you will always get what youve always gotten." I like this saying so much because it talks about the importance of change. Change is hard because we are human but it happens to us so much and its always for out benefit. I love being abelt o testify to people that we are a gospel of change and that the gospel has changed my life so much. I recounted to an investigator my experience almost 2 years ago of when I had surgery and I was able to testify to her that I couldnt have gotten through that experience without the gospel. I love the gospel so much and I love change althought its difficult! This life is all about becoming!

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