Monday, January 26, 2015

An Almost No Show Baptism

It's been a SUPER crazy week. To start off, let me explain this title. I GOT TO GO TO A BAPTISM IN MY LAST AREA! I can't explain the joy I had to be able to go!! I died at being able to see everyone I love so much! Plus, 2 of some of my best friends came and picked me up! So for background info: When I was in Parkway (my 3rd area) we tracted into this guy who said we were an answer to his prayers. We taught him while I was there and then when I got moved to the St Louis YSA, the sisters gave him to us. We taught him for a bit but then we dropped him because he just wasn't serious about what we were teaching and wasn't progressing. For the next month he came to church every Sunday! Finally, we started teaching him again and he had a complete turn around. He dropped all of his bad habits and was humble and ready to be baptized. We set the date and he was baptized yesterday!!! It was so great to see his transformation!

Well, the funniest part of this story is that his baptism was at 2. Well 2:30 rolled around and he hadn't shown up. The sisters tried to call him and call him and nothing. Well they went to Plan B and had the program anyways. But I knew there was something more that could be done. So I took the phone and went into the hall and called him and called a bunch of Parkway people and the missionaries to go check on him. No more then 10 min later he called me back! He had had left out of town the day before and just got back. So he rushed from the airport and we had the baptism! 

Anyway, now for the week! It was sooo great and soo tough. We went on 3 exchanges this week and drove a total of 12 hrs for them. Man I was so tired of driving. But Sis. Firestone was gone all week so it was just me working the area. It was tough and I was stressed but the Lord picked me up and kept me going and we saw so many miracles. For example, we went to a meeting with the Relief Society Presidency and they ended shorter then we expected so we had 30 min to kill. Well we went and contacted formers before our next meeting and we picked up 2 new investigators!! This is miraculous because we had no idea how we would reach our goals because of all of our meetings and driving and stuff. But we did it! Just shows you that this is the Lord'
s work and we are merely his instruments!

So study insight this week! I love the words of Isaiah! One of my favorite scriptures in the world is quoted in 1 Nephi 21:15-16. Its says "can a Woman forget her sucking child?...Yet I will not forget thee...for I have graven thee upon the Palms of my hands." I love this scripture! Its is the best reminder to me that the savior will never forget his children for we are engraven upon is hands. He has a testament to us that He loves us so much and will never leave us alone or comfortless. I have such a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ especially this Christmas. I know He is our Savior and Redeemer and that he loves each one of us so much!

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