Monday, January 26, 2015

Fall is Here to Stay!

The weather has officially turned colder and fall is here my friends. The colors are gorgeous and it is November! I cannot believe it. I am still; in denial still because I am refusing to wear boots, tights, a scarf and a jacket. No way my friends. I am going to wait til dire circumstances.
To answer all of your questions, for Halloween we had to have cars parked by 5 so our Branch Pres wife picked us up and took us to their house for dinner and to pass out candy to trick or treaters. We had a Halloween themed dinner with "monkey brains" (according to our Branch Pres, it was meatloaf) made inside of a pumpkin! It was so fun!!! Best Halloween I've ever had. 

This week we faced some serious challenges. Our investigators have taken some setbacks, but it's okay. If I have learned anything these past 15 months (yes, I hit 15 monthsFriday) it's that all we can do is push through and remain positive. So that's we did and when I reflect on the week we still saw many many miracles!

First, we picked up a former investigator from my first area. We started teaching him when we both got to the YSA but he wasn't keeping commitments and wasn't showing that much real intent. Despite us dropping him, he's come to church several times. So we decided to visit him. And let me tell ya I've seen a definite change in him. He was so humble and submissive. He told us that when he misses church that his weeks are tough and that he sees the importance of reading and church. And he told us that he wants to get baptized as soon as he can! Talk about miraculous!! It was remarkable to see such a change in him. This is definitely the Lord's work and he prepares the hearts of the children of men to receive the message of the restored gospel! We hope to set a date soon!

We also met with this less active whos in the Coast Guard! He showed us his boat on the Mississippi! It was sooo LEGIT. Afterwards, we talked about Alma 5:26 which says "if youve felt the song of redeeming love, I ask can you feel so now?" It was great and really narrowed in on conversion. Well, we committed him to come to stake conference on Sunday and he totally did!! We are seeing him this week. We also had 2 other less actives come to stake conference too! If I had to say the biggest miracle of this area is that there are so many people who are read to come back!

Yesterday, our investigator who is supposed to get baptized on Nov 15 came with us to a baptism. We weren't able to meet with him this week so we met right afterwards. He still is struggling with tithing which is highly disappointing. But the member who was there shared a beautiful testimony. She talked about faith and shared the story of Peter walking on water. She said that when Peter started drowning after he walked on water the Lord immediately helped him (and this is where she took scriptural liberty) and asked "Why did you doubt? Did you not trust me that I would help you? I can do all things Peter surely I can help you walk on water." Sometimes the Lord asks us to take a step into the dark, to trust Him, to rely on Him. To have faith in Jesus Christ is not only to trust that He can help you, but that He will. I reflected on the past plus year Ive been serving a mission and realizing that I really took a step in the dark when I decided to serve. But the Lord has done so much more with me than I could have ever done by myself. I love this gospel so much and I know that this is Christs church and herein is where happiness is found!

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