Monday, January 26, 2015

Fall, So Soon....

I can't believe how quickly the fall weather has come. It's insane. Literally, it was super hot at the beginning of the week, then by the end of the week it was 59 degrees!

So this was was INSANE. We were sooo busy. We had interviews with Pres. Morgan this week and mine went great. I asked him what to improve on and he told me time management (I'm "that guy" who runs off Mormon standard time). He told us that the AP's doubled the standard of excellence in one week for their key indicators. So, I told Pres. challenge accepted. We more than double the standard of excellence this week! The standard of excellence for member present lessons is 4 and we had 9! And we also taught 10 recent convert/less active lessons. The work is hastening here and I love that I get to be apart of it.

This week was filled with too many miracles to count, but for now I will just share one. So we have been teaching the boyfriend of a member. They are both 18 and they both just moved out here from CA to go to school. He's english and he has had a terrible experience with religion so he was actually not even receptive to us, he only met with us because his girlfriend forced him too. So, slowly but surely he has softened his heart, but like I said its been a really slow process. Well, we were at our apt on Sat doing some planning when he called us and asked if we could pick him up and bring him to a church so he could sit there and pray. This is HUGE for him because he first said he won't pray and second said he really doesn't like going to church. So we called the Branch Pres who dropped all of his plans and went and picked him up and we all met at the church. We sat in the chapel and he kept telling us that he felt sooo peaceful and so safe. He said he loved sitting there and loved the feelings that he had at the church. A question he asked us was how do I have the peace that you guys are always talking about. He said he want's it so bad but doesn't know how to obtain it. So, I read him the story of Peter walking on water towards Jesus. I told him that sometimes the world and our lives can get chaotic and that the storms will blow, but when we center our lives on Jesus Christ we can have peace. Then we talked about how peace can be obtained through the gospel of Jesus Christ and we invited him to baptized and he said yes!!!! And he agreed to shoot for Oct 25! This is the biggest miracle in itself because he wouldnt even meet with us a month ago and now hes agreed to be baptized!!! 

I felt the spirit so strongly while sitting in the chapel. One of the questions he asked us as well was what do you feel when sitting here in this chapel. And I loved our Branch Pres answer, he said "that this peaceful feeling, the spirit, I can feel it everywhere I go because I live the gospel of Jesus Christ." It was so touching to me. I cannot even begin to grasp the wonderful blessings the gospel brings me! Also, we never know who is truly prepared. 

We also attended an adult session of stake conference this week for one of the stakes we cover. I loved something that the member of the seventy said. He said that our willingness to share the gospel depends on how much we love our Heavenly Father. That really touched me! I love Heavenly Father soo much! I love being apart of this work! I know I couldn't be any happier any other way!

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