Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Expect the Unexpected!

This week was soo wonderful!!!! But the thing I have learned on my mission is that what you is that sometimes things happen that you would NEVER expect to happen! Let'
s start with the baptism!!
So WE SUPER HAD A BAPTISM THIS PAST SATURDAY! It was more amazing than words could describe. The day of the baptism, us, our investigator and her less active daughter all went to the temple. It was marvelous. We walked around the grounds, took pictures, then had a lesson. We read 2 Nephi 31:20 with them and told them that this was the goal for the family. That this is where they ultimately needed to end up. We asked out investigator some of her feelings while being there and she said she felt sooo much peace and comfort. Tears began as I thought about this family becoming eternal! Then we went off to the baptism which was soo spiritual and soo wonderful. My heart was bursting with love for this family. They literally have become my family now as well. After the baptism we all went out to dinner to celebrate. Well, when we got back to their house after dinner, our investigator wasn't feeling well and we thought it was just her diabetes. So we left and told her daughter to keep us updated on how she was doing. When we got home, we got a call saying our investigator was being rushed to the hospital. So despite curfew rules....err...we got in our car and rushed to the hospital! This is family we are talking about here and I knew we had to go and be there for her. We found out that it wasn't her diabetes and that they think it's her heart. She didn't receive the Holy Ghost and she may be in the hospital for several days. It has been a mighty shocking weekend!!
Yesterday, I did the musical number in sacrament meeting. So as any good missionary would do, I Invited EVERYBODY that we saw this week. And it totally paid off! Our investigator who we invited to be baptized last week came, a less active, and a former investigator came too! It was amazing! I was nervous, but glad that people came to church!!
The lesson that I feel like I really learned this week is that Satan is real. I've been having some medical problems lately and combined with our investigator going to the hospital and some of our investigators dropping us, I see how much of a war we are apart of. This isn't something to be scared of, but we need to be aware that Satan is working hard to stop this work. He is real and working hard to convince us that we can't do this! I'm so grateful for the spirit and for my Savior though! I know that with the Savior, I can do all things because this is His work! He doesn't let us walk alone!

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