Friday, January 23, 2015

Family History, Baseball Games and Car Accidents

At the beginning of the week we took our recent convert to the family history center! We were able to help her get on and start filling in all of her info. Man did she love that. She seriously was on fire!!! She couldnt stop talking about her family and all the work shes going to do for them the whole drive home. It was wonderful to feel her excitement and her spirit. Being there actually got me sooooo excited about Family History Work. Shout out to my Grammy who is so awesome at it! I hope I can do it with her when I get home.
We also got to go to the Cardinals game this week!!!!! Oh my goodness was that the funniest night of my whole mission. It was the best night ever (I mean besides when people get baptized haha). It was awesome. I got to see soo many old friends from previous areas and missionaries. It was exciting to catch up with everyone. The downfall was that the Cardinals super lost but hey I'm a Yankees fan anyways ;)
So for the bad news. We got in a car accident. As I was yielding to turn right, I began to go, but then I stopped due to traffic and the woman behind us wasn't paying attention and hit us. It was super not fun but luckily it wasn't my fault. So we have been dealing with that all week and we hope to get it fixed soon. This wouldn't have been such an awful experience, but my companion got severe whiplash so we had to go to Urgent Care and she's been having to rest a lot because she's been in so much pain. When it rains it pours right?
We also had another super rad miracle! To preface: a couple months ago, Sis. Williams (my previous comp) and I went to contact a potential in another wards area because she said she felt more comfortable with sisters and we are the closest sisters. So we went by several times but she never answered. Well, when we finally caught her she said she wasn't interested anymore and wanted to be left alone. I gave her our card and told her that if she ever needed anything to give us a call. She stopped and turned to me and asked if i really meant that. And with as much sincerity that I could convey I told her that I really meant it and that we were there for her. That experience has always struck me. Well, at Zone Conference this week, she called us crying and begging us to help her. Apparently, her son and husband were coming home that weekend and the house was a wreck and she was so sick she couldn't do it herself and that she needed help. That evening we went and cleaned her house for her. When we walked in she was crying and hugging us and continually thanking us. I dont know if she will join the Church now or later but I do know that she is beautiful daughter of God. When we were there helping her, i felt Gods love for her swell within my heart. I feel so blessed that on my mission I have been able to serve God children.
For Zone Conference, they announced that our transfer theme is to focus on the early saints of the church in honor of Pioneer day. This week has been pretty rough. We have had to stay inside a lot and all of our investigators cancelled on us. But, I have been given this time to reflect on the sacrifice of the early saints. I also was able to watch Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. I can't help but cry when thinking about the faith of the Saints. Whatever the Lord asked them to do they did. They may have gotten discouraged but they never gave up the faith. They were willing to sacrifice anything to follow the Lord. That same spirit that drove the saints is the spirit that drives this work today. I realized that the Lord is guiding us and that He has a plan for all of His children. I pray for the same powerful faith that the saints had.
As Joseph Smith said "Shall we not go in so great a cause?"

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