Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This week we had exchanges and interviews! Both went phenomenally! The longer I am out the more I realize our leaders are placed in their callings by pure inspiration of the Lord! Being on exchanges made me realize the importance of realizing that I am human and that I make mistakes but that I need to always follow the spirit! It was really eye opening and I love serving around such wonderful sisters!

SO WE HAVE A BAPTISM SATURDAY!!!!!! I was really nervous though because as the end of the week was looming, we still hadn't taught our investigator the Word of Wisdom and she LOVES tea. But we went by Thursday and we taught her Tithing and the WofW and she easily agreed. We even told her she had to quit by Saturday! And she was like okay no problem! It was sooo awesome. Who knew the hardest part would be committing her to baptism and that living the commandments would be easy for her! I cannot describe how wonderful seeing her change has been. I totally cried during our last lesson with her because of how overjoyed I am to see her enter the waters of baptism and turn her life over to the Savior!
The work is progressing here!! We have found some wonderful people and we have started teaching a 9 yr old of a part member family! I just feel it in my bones that there is somebody here who is ready for the Restored Gospel and is waiting to be baptized! So Sis. Nordstrom and I are on the prowl to find them!!
The Mission President came to our ward yesterday was because we had a homecoming for a missionary from the Philippines in our ward! The family is so amazing and they are so influential in the community so of course they sent our invitations and invited everyone they knew! And 25 nonmembers showed up to sacrament meeting And of course their son gave the most inspiring talk that brought the spirit soo strong into our meeting. So after the meeting, everyone went  to the foyer to say hi to Sumner, so we went around and introduced ourselves and gave people Restoration pamphlets telling them that the pamphlet gives more insight into Sumners talk and into what he taught. So many people were touched that day so we intend on doing some serious following up and teaching some of these people!
Sorry this is getting so long but one last story! So we were teaching our investigator the Plan of Salvation (who we haven't taught in awhile because she was going through some things). And the whole time she was saying I can't believe you guys believe this too, I feel like I am the only one who believes this! So we told her that she wasn't the only one, but that 15 million other people do as well. I also testified to her that the reason this plan makes so much sense and that she believes it is because she learned it in the pre-existence and that the spirit is testifying to her of things she already learned! It was so amazing to see it click for her! 

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