Thursday, June 19, 2014


I am staying and not just staying, but staying staying for another 3 months because I am training! Pray that I dont mess this up. I am really excited, but nervous though! It will be fun to get some fresh blood into this area and I know the work will accelerate with her greenie fire!
This week just whipped by us. And because my family keeps asking, yes it is hott here. Humidity is sooo crazy. But there were some wonderful highlights this week:
The investigator I mentioned last week, the one we invited to baptism and she basically said yes, we saw this week and we followed up with her. She talked with her husband and he said he is fine with her getting baptized! So we extended her the date of June 28 and she said she wanted to pray about it and then she will let us know this week! But it is sooo happening! I was reflecting on our journey with her these past 3 months and it has been miraculous. When we first met with her, she was sooo not interested and because of all the love that we and the ward have shown her, her heart has been softened tremendously to the point that she agreed to baptism! I cannot believe it! Love changes lives!
Our other highlight was with our recent investigator that we have started teaching. She's a Chinese girl that lives in out apt complex and she has only been in the states for a couple years. How we met with her is the coolest story! Sis. Williams and I were sitting in our apt one Saturday night doing our studies because we didn't get a chance to do them in the morning. While we were studying, we heard a knock on our door. It was this guy with a Chinese girl (now our investigator) and he said he was from Mississippi, a member of the church, visiting St. Louis, and he wanted us to meet his friend! When do missionaries ever have a referral know on their door!?

 So, our first lesson, she mentioned that she had a bad taste of Christianity because people from churches would come up to her and tell her that if she didn't believe in Christ she was going to hell. So to help her overcome her hesitations, we brought a lady who came here from China and speaks fluent Mandarin to help us teach and fellowship and we taught her just the basics of who God is. The lesson was soooo great! The member was so wonderful for our investigator and explained things in a way that made so much sense to her! We can see the light beginning to grow within her.
In my personal study, there is a scripture that keeps sticking out to me. It is Isaiah 55:8-9  "my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor my ways your ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways your ways and my thoughts your thoughts." This scripture has really struck me because it reminded me that the Lord has bigger and better plans for me than I could ever imagine. That although, I am a huge planner, the Lord knows me better and knows what I need to grow and progress. What I need to be doing is relying on the Spirit in all things and continually aligning my will with Heavenly Fathers.

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