Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thunder, Lightening and Tornadoes...Oh My...

This week I experienced my first tornado warning! It was storming like crazy all day Thursday!  By the evening, a tornado went off so we went in our closet and put a mattress over our heads! Then, a member called us and she was like I am worried about you and I have a basement, drive to my house before the storm hits! So, we went to her house and spent the rest of our evening there. Needless to say, it was super anti-climatic but pretty exciting. Atleast we know how they go now!
This week was sooooooooooooooo awesome!!! Sis. Williams and I are growing soooo much in this area. We got 3 new investigators, a baptismal date, and we have 10 people in our teaching pool. This may seem like whatever to some of you but this is huge for us. Whitewashing this area was difficult and we struggled with meeting people and teaching but now we have some solid investigators!! The Lord is just blessing us sooo much for all of our hard work. It's so amazing to see the fruits of our labors. Every time I freak out about something or get stressed over investigators, the Lord always makes it work out and blesses us tremendously. You think I'd learn by now though, huh?  Well I just feel so blessed to be here and to teach the gospel to the people in this area. I feel so blessed to have the Spirit lead and guide us and to see God's hand in all things. I feel so blessed that He allows someone as inadequate as me to preach His gospel.
I want to mention an wonderful lesson we had with a less active sister yesterday morning. She's a recent convert, single adult but wants to stay in the family ward. When we first got her records, we tried to contact her, but shed never respond to us. So finally, we decided to do the "drop by" (Seinfeld quote anybody?). And she was there so we shared a message and set a return appt. We met before conference yesterday and we went over the Restoration with her. She confessed that she,s been less active for the last little bit and that she was doing things that weren't making her happy and she knew she needed to come back. She began to cry and told us visiting with her inspired her to make the necessary changes to come back. It was so touching. It was probably one of the most touching lessons I have had in awhile. None of us has ever gone too far from our Heavenly Father's love and Christ's grace. God's arm is ALWAYS extended towards us, we just need to reach out and grab it! Our lesson just reminded me that the Atonement is real and we have access to is always!

And now for what all missionaries are raving about....Conference!!! So great and so wonderful. My amazing experience was that Friday night I was telling some of my fears and concerns with going home in 9 months with Sis. Williams and they were all addressed on Saturday during Conference! I was astounded at how much Heavenly Father cared about my concerns and answered my prayers! I loved Conference all around! I felt like the main message was that because of the Restoration, this is th only true church where the ordinances of salvation can be found! This is Christ's Church and how wonderful of an opportunity we get to hear God speak through His prophets and Apostles!

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