Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So cliche, typical missionary post: I got to skype my family! It was so great to be able to see them and catch up. It's weird how we all grown up so fast!
This week was pretty rad tad man. First, we had Zone Conference this week! I love Zone Conference. It's a wonderful time to renew our energy and get some new ideas. And I played the cello for the musical number. Talk about cultivating your talents. I did not think that would happen, but my old companion (who is my STL) peer pressured me. I was really glad I did it though! Everyone came up afterwards and was like who knew you were so talented. The theme of Conference was Remembering our Purpose. It was great because we really got to take the time to reflect on why we are out here. As missionaries, we get to change lives! Its remarkable. But sometimes, after all the rejection and disappointment, we forget why we are out here.  Through all the trainings (and watching the Because of Him video-y'all need to watch it) the Spirit truly testified and confirmed to me that I am out here because of the Savior. It was sooo great! PS...4 out of 5 of the comps I have had on my mission were there!
SO...our teaching pool is dwindling and we are struggling, but it's okay.  We visited an old, little single lady this week and she told us of her conversion story and she said that before she started taking the lessons, the missionaries were really discouraged and were praying really hard for someone to teach. Well that story really, really touched our hearts, so before we went tracting that day, we prayed with our whole might to find someone who would was ready for the restored gospel. No more than 3 doors knocked later, we met a lady who asked us some questions and said that she would like to hear more. TALK ABOUT A MIRACLE! So we are going back on Tuesday. Although we are struggling, we trusted in the Lord and He answered our prayers. Its all about the Lord's timing and through all of our experiences, He teaches us and strengthens us.
Also, yesterday, we had 3 Less Actives come to church! It was soooo amazing! Our purpose is to bring others to Christ, so that includes nonmembers, active members and less actives. Slowly but surely we are changing lives. Seeds are being planted and sometimes we plant them and sometimes we harvest them but either way we rejoice together when we bring souls unto Christ!
I am studying the New Testament and wow is that good stuff. I have a couple chapters left in Revelation and then I am finished. Two things I have discovered while studying the New Testament is that is has strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon, they truly go hand in hand. Second, I feel like the New Testament explains what Christ did and the Book of Mormon explains why He did what He did. Both bring us closer to Christ!

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