Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jennifer Got Baptized!

Other than those periodic wacky, funny moments, this week was greaat!!!! Mainly because Jennifer got baptized. Although, this week in preparing for her baptism, we ran into some obstacles. But, each hurdle we faced, the Lord provided a way for Jennifer to enter into the waters of baptism. The day of her baptism was wonderful. She was radiating with joy. At the end of the service she bore her testimony and it was soo touching. She said she knew that the Church was true and that she was able to sacrifice a lot of things to get to baptism through the power of God. I actually teared up during the closing song because the Spirit was so strong. While I was standing in the starewell of the font, watching Jennifer be baptized, I realized how amazing my calling is. (And for you missionaries out there, it felt like a scene straight out of the District). Seeing someone become clean and come unto Christ is so fulfilling and rewarding. I love the Gospel man.
Our other investigator that I want to mention is doing sooooo well too. He was progressing well for quite awhile then he went on vacation and we lost him a little. But then we sat down with him and had some powerful, bold, and goal-setting lessons and now he is back on track again! Actually, he is above and beyond that. He came to FHE on Monday of his own will and when we committed him to read the New Testament, he read it in 2 days. He is so amazing. He said in a lesson this week that he realized that he can only find true happiness when living this Gospel.
This week, we made it a goal to truly go back to the Basics. So this week in my studies I have just been studying the tools and training manuals that we were given in the MTC. Man has that been amazing. Something that I realized I needed to work on this week is taking every opportunity to testify. And I feel like since the Lord knew this was my goal, He provided a way for me to fulfill it. Yesterday, we got a text from the Elders old investgiator asking us to meet up. Well we told him that it was actually a sisters area now but we would still love to meet up. So, we met up with him, and come to find out, he knows EVERYTHING about the church. He has read all the standard works and actaully has been to an open house of the temple. But he decided against joining. We don't know all the reasons why, but I took the opportunity to boldly bear my testimony of the gospel and the Book of Mormon. I told him I knew I couldn't have him leave without me powerfully bearing my testimony. I don't remember everything I said, but afterwards I was kind shaking.  My experience with him made me realize how truly important the simple principles and doctrines of the Gospel are what we need to center our lives around. I am just so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father.
So since this marks the end of this transfer, I just want to say that something I have learned these past 6 weeks is that there are nooo coincidences. Everything we learn, experience, and everyone that we interract with we are supopsed to learn and grow from. But that's the cool thing about agency, we have the choice to take what we learn, and ACT. I love this Church, I love my Savior, and I love the Book of Mormon.

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