Thursday, June 19, 2014

Memorial Day Fun!

This week was sooo nutso. I feel like so much happened so quickly that none of it really happened. Thats what a mission does to ya, leave ya with no concept of time!

Well several major highlights this week I don't even know where to start! First off, Memorial Day was soooo fun. Our ward had a breakfast and softball game in the morning, which a part member family came and a less active family came! It was soo wonderful! We got an appt to see the part member family this week and we didn't ever think the less active family would come so it was awesome to see them there! Then that day we got to go to the Art Museum! It was sooooo good! It is never open on Mondays, but it was this past Monday because of the holiday. I LOVED IT!

So our investigator, the one I mentioned that we invite her to baptism every lesson and how I love her so much and that she's basically my family... well, when we stopped by to invite her to the Memorial Day breakfast this week.  She got some devastating news about her daughter's friend and we were there to comfort her. It was really special to be there and to help her. When we were leaving though, she told us "I have been thinking a lot about baptism and I guess we just need to figure out when." I WAS FREAKING OUT! All of the prayers have been paying off. We are going to go back this week and figure out a date! I'm so stinking excited.
The other intense moment happened when we took a part member/ less active couple that we are teaching to the temple so we could teach them the Plan of Salvation. We had a picnic then taught the lesson but when we finished it we didn't quite feel like we should leave yet. We were talking about both of their reading this past week and I had this overwhelming prompting of the Spirit to invite him to be baptized. So I invited our investigator, and he said yes when he gets his answer he will. And then I had this overwhelming prompting that we should invite him to pray right then and there, and then Sis Williams invited him to do so. We discussed it and we decided that all of us should go off and pray individually. So we did and then we came back and the Spirit was so strong you could choke on it! We each shared our experiences and he said he didn't get an answer. (So bummed, but we will figure it out when we follow up). But his wife, the member, was just crying the whole time. She wasn't able to talk about it in that moment, but we know the Spirit was testifying to her that that was where she needed to be! It was truly a powerful experience where I had never felt the Spirit soo strong. 
This week was wonderful and it just keeps getting better. I reflect sometimes on who I was and where I was a year ago and I can't even believe it. I have changed and grown so much for the better. I don't even know who I was a year ago, but I am eternally grateful for how the mission has helped me become who I am now! Christ's Gospel has been restored on the Earth today and it is the only way in which we can be eternally happy. God still speaks!! I love being a missionary and being able to witness so many miracles! 

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