Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Offspring!

This week was hectic madness. I deep cleaned the whole apt and decorated for this new baby missionary to come! Then Transfers Day rolls around (Wednesday) and I had meetings all morning training me for this new missionary. Well, when transfers start, the first girl gets up on the pulpit to read off the name of her trainer and her area, and instantly I knew she was my child! So, I ran up gave her a hug and said come join the family (because I was sitting with my "mom"). The whole day/rest of the week was just a blur. But some info on her. She actually already served a mission for 4.5 months in Birmingham England but went home for medical reasons for 6 months so now I am retraining her! She is super awesome though and still has that new missionary fire. I am stoked to see where these next 2 transfers take us!
For those of you who don't know mission lingo, when you train a missionary, they are your "child" and you are there "mother." I know missionaries are weird, but I think its super fun!
As for an update with our investigator, we officially set a baptismal date for her on June 28! What happened was we visited with her one last time before transfers so Sis. Williams could say goodbye. In our lesson though she said she still wasn't sure about June 28 for baptism. So we asked her right then and there to pray about it. She said she would but wanted each of us to pray first. So all of us prayed and then she gave one of the most beautiful prayers! Once she finished, we asked her what she was feeling/thinking and she said "I feel good, I am getting baptized on June 28." I WAS SOOOO STINKIN EXCITED!  This is seriously so amazing. Later on in the week, we taught her some of the commandments and even though we weren't teaching the Word of Wisdom, it came up. The reason we have been waiting to teach it was because we heard her say earlier that she wasn't going to get baptized if she had to quit tea. Well in this lesson she told us that once she got baptized she would quit tea! DOUBLE EXCITED! Ever since she decided to get baptized the Lord has really changed her. She came to church yesterday and told everyone about her baptism and everyone said that she just seemed so much happier. I feel so blessed to have been able to witness this marvelous change within her! Its been reeally life-changing.
As for the rest of our investigators, we are kinda struggling. But luckily my companion is ready to hit the pavement and work really hard so I know we are going to see some miracles these next couple of weeks and that we are going to fine the Lords elect!
So many of you have emailed me and asked me about training. Well it's absolutely wonderful and I love being able to go back to basics, but it's a huge responsibility! I feel honored to be trusted by the Lord to do this but I also have realized how inadequate I am. I keep apologizing to my companion for being an awful trainer. But I honestly I have learned so much these past coouple of days. The more I get to know Sis. Nordstrom the more I know that Heavenly Father put us together for a reason. I see how every experience on my mission thus far has strengthened my talents so that I could train her and help her be the missionary that God wants her to be. I just have such a  testimony that God knows us soo well. That he has a plan for each of us to become the people He needs us to be. And although, sometimes we may not fully understand why things happen, God knows what will make us grow. 

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