Sunday, December 22, 2013

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Well sad news friends. I am being transferred. I am going to Columbia, MO and I am serving at the University there and Sister Vilingia is staying here and training. I honestly knew this was coming, but I am really sad to leave. I was really hoping to stay here for Christmas and be with Sister Vilingia 6 more weeks, But hey waddyado?

So Indiana got hit by a ton of snow!!! It has been insanity. It's been cold but the snow has been beautiful! Sis. Vilingia and I have loved it because we have been playing in it and we tackled each other. Oh and we even went sledding!! It was really fun! But then we get wet and cold and then unfun. It's nice for a change in weather though!

The downer for the week has been that we had a lesson with some new investigators, and when they got there they told us they were no longer interested. They broke up with us right on their door step. Man was that hard. That was really discouraging. I literally wanted to wrap up in my blanket, eat some ice cream, and watch a chick flick. No worries though, I didn't let it get me down. The church is still true and the field is not brown nor green, but white and ready to harvest!!

This past Saturday was supposed to be the Christmas party, but due to bad weather, they postponed it til after church on Sunday. So because Saturday night I found out I was getting transferred, we milked it the next day to get less actives and such to come to church and the party to see me. :) Well the party came around and a less active family, who I have become very close with, came to see me. I totally cried. They said they knew that I was leaving so they and to come and see me. Then that night the Bishop went to their home and they said that they want their sone to have the Priesthood so they are going to come back to church. (oh and btw I mentioned the Priesthood and their son to them during the party-totally the spirit man.) Man was that a miracle to hear. I have been worrying and praying over this family for 4 months. I love them a ton and it's amazing to see the change in them.

We also and a lesson with the family we have been teaching and who are getting baptized on the 26th. Man that was probably the hardest thing I have and to do in my life. We did a short lesson on tithing and then I bore my testimony to them about how much I love them and about the gospel. Tears were def shed. Then we took a bunch of pics and then we had to get home. Saying bye to them was so difficult. I love this family with my whole heart and more. Seeing their lives change from this gospel has been remarkable. And when we got home, the husband texted us and told me that I was the reason he became interested in the Church. Needless to say, I cried more. I now believe that people are prepared for you when you come out on a mission because I know this family was.
Leaving Covington is going to be hard. A piece of my heart will always be here. The people I have met here have truly became my family! I even adopted a set of grandparents, the Newells. I have felt so at home here its crazy! I have grown so much in the gospel here and I feel infinitely blessed to have served among these people. I believe the chuch is a little more true in Indiana. I love this gospel so much and I am grateful to an instrument in the Lords hands.

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