Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Hello there family and friends! I cannot believe Christmas is in 2.5 weeks! I hope you are all excited because I am so stoked!! Plus, it snowed here AHHAH. It's quite beautiful ,but I am freezing.

Some really awesome things have been happening in our area and I am just loving life here in good ole' Indiana. It makes me sad/ nervous that transfers are a week from Wednesday. When I email next, I will know whether I am staying or leaving so keep a heads up. Refrain from sending any mail this week! But the ward thinks I am staying because they asked me to speak on the 22nd.

So our family that we have been working sooo hard with (the ones I mentioned last week that admitted the Church is true) are doing fantastic. So the husband and wife said they wanted to get baptized but we weren't super positive about the kids. So on Wednesday, we stopped by their house and talked with the mom. We had a super powerful lesson with her and talked about baptism and the importance of it. Sis. Vilingia shared with her that she believes we all knew each other in the pre-existence and we promised her we would do whatever it took to find her family and teach them the gospel. It was sooo awesome and all of us cried. It was very very poweful. Then we planned to come that night and talk to the kids about baptism. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked them about baptism and if they seriously wanted to get baptized. They said YES! So we set a baptismal calendar right then and there for December 26. Ah it was so special and so wonderful. Later that week we also committed the husband and the wife to live the Word of Wisdom and we had the Bishop explain the eternal significance and they both willingly agreed to live it! It was great to have the Bishop there because he really explained to them that coffee, alcohol, smoking, etc are insignificant when it comes to living with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever! Ah man it was so great. They are sooo great! I just cant get over how much my life has been touched by being able to know them. I know Heavenly Father has prepared them for this work!

Ah I thank Heavenly Father every day for being able to see so many miracles on my mission. I am no where near a good missionary, but I love being able to share the gospel with others and I love being here. There is so much I need to work on, but I know with the Lord's help I can do it. The Lord's hands are in all things. The Savior has done so much for us, that what He has asked us to do is not even comparable. The Church is true! How wonderful my calling is. I can't believe Heavenly Father is letting someone imperfect like me share this perfect gospel. Thanks to my wonderful parents who raised me in way that I am worthy to be out here.

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