Sunday, December 22, 2013

This week was just full of stuff it was great! The downfall of our week though, it's freezing here now. It even snowed a little bit! AAH The Arizona in me can't handle this.

Our latest update with the Cxxxxx  family! I love them, I love them, I love them. This week we finished teaching all the commandments, which they willingly and faithfully agreed to live all of them! We meet with them a couple of times a week since their baptism is THIS SUNDAY!!!! But in our most recent lesson we decided that in addition to going over the baptismal questions with them, we would have a testimony meeting as well. It was beautiful. I cried, Sis, Scott cried, Melanie, cried. It was great. They both told us how much their lives have changed and how grateful they were for it. Melanie said it feels so good to finally know the truth. Their family is so wonderful and I couldn't love them anymore if I tried! Next time I email they will be baptized. Oh and Melanie ordered herself a quad (4 books of scripture) with her name engraved on it. She is so perfect! The Cxxxxxx are opening up and are just so comfortable in the ward, its amazing! Its nice to have another solid family in the ward, especially in Covington!

Our miracle this week! Last week, I emailed about the family we are teaching, Julie Xxxxx, and how her husband is against the church. Well we have been praying big time to have his heart be softened and we have see the miracles! The Newells set it up to have us have dinner with their whole family, including Txxxx. We got asked him questions and got to know him, and come to find out, we are teaching his sister and her family in Covington! (Indiana is the smallest world ever). Since the kids love us, they invited us to their home afterwards and we taught them about the Godhead! The lesson was wonderful and the kids just love what we teach. The whole time though, Txxxx was just in and out. But at what point the kids asked us "How does God answer our prayers?" And I told them the story about how Sis. Scott and I were praying to teach a family and we found them at the last house on the last street we tracted and on the last door we knocked. And I told them that it was Txxxx's sister we were talking about! Anyway, he stayed for the prayer and such but we didn't know if our lesson touched him in any way. Well, when we got home, Julie texted us and said he was reading the Book of Mormon and asking when church was! God answers prayers. I started crying because I was soo happy! She thanked us for everything and told us that her and her family really loved us. It's experiences like these that you are just like being a missionary is sooooo awesome!

This weekend was also our Fall Fest. We had a trunk or treat and a chili cook off (which the missionaries were the judge, yah babay!). It was really, really fun! I got to fulfill my life long dream of playing a dead person YES (a lady in the ward is certified in trauma makeup)! Pictures are enclosed but it was totally wicked. People couldn't even look at me it was so real! All in all it was so fun! Plus, all 3 sets of missionaries had investigators show up -Hooray! Our investigator, Victoria came withe her boyfriend and they really seemed to enjoy themselves! It is actually really humbling that she came because we were going to drop her this week because we werent seeing any progression. It's all about the Lord's timing I guess!

I love this gospel so much. I know Heavenly Father is there and he will answer our prayers. He loves us so much and is concerned with what we are concerned with! Always turn to Him no matter what!

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