Sunday, December 22, 2013

There is a young family in the ward who the husband is from Az. So we bonded on our love of Mexican food and I mentioned how I make wicked guacomole (Madeleine's recipe) and he said he probably made better. So we decided to have a guacomole-off to prove who made the best guacomole. So we went to their home for dinner and they invited another family to be the judges. Dinner was sweet pork tacos, by the way, talk about a little slice of home! We made the guacomoles anonymously and they they tasted them. And guess who won?!?!? Yours truly baby! He was a little bitter, but hey I was so excited. Thanks Madeleine for the kick-butt recipe! 

Melanie and Gary are doing fantastic, as always! They are basically members already. This week we invited Brother Strawser to a lesson with them so he could talk about the Priesthood and the temple. The lesson started off a little rocky but it ended wonderful. The spirit was so strong I cried. They both committed to being sealed a year from now and they are really excited! I hope I will be able to go. But this lesson just made me realize how truly grateful I am for the Priesthood. I am thankful that I always had a worthy Priesthood holder in my home or access to one at school. I realize now that the Priesthood as made such an impact in my life! Aw man I love the Priesthood!

Things are going super well this week for another one of our investigators named Julie! She was a member referral and we have been teaching her for over a month now. Progression has been slow but she loves having us over and is really interested in the things we teach her.  This week we finally picked up her kids as investigators! She has 2 boys and one girl, and a girl that lives with her. They are the ages of 13 to 15! We taught about faith and the kids just loved it! They seemed to really desire to know more about Christ and develop their faith! They committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray more! It was so great. We love them and they love us. Now we just need to soften the heart of her husband. We will just have to keep praying for him! But we know this family will truly be strengthened from the gospel so we are excited to teach them again this week.

Man the work is wonderful out here. It hit me one day this week, while we were tracting, that my life couldn't get any more wonderful right now. I get to go out and testify of this gospel with everyone I meet. I get to be a representative of Jesus Christ and invite others to come unto Him. Man this gospel is beautiful. I feel my heart being changed everyday. 

P.S. Here are some pics from my adventures in good ole Indiana! Enjoy!

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