Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh man is it super cold here in Indiana. I can't even handle it. I am refusing to admit to myself that it's winter, whaddya do? 
But it truly is a wonderful season! Thanksgiving is super fun! All the missionaries got invited to go to a member's home ! Plus, we are allowed to watch football (if the tv is already on) and we will help the Tilmans decorate the tree! I am so freakin' excited! As I write this email, I am reminded of my families tradition of going around the table on Thanksgiving Day and saying what we are grateful for. I am so grateful for the gospel. I am grateful for the Savior and His Atonement in my life and that the repentance process allows me to change and grow closer to my Heavenly Father. I am grateful to be a missionary and to have witnessed so many miracles! 

Now that I got all sappy and spiritual (sorry to those who aren't used to this side of me), I will write about my week. We had Stake and Zone Conferences this week so we didn't get to do a ton of proselyting! It's okay though because we did fit in a couple lessons, saw a miracle, plus the meetings were so awesome. It made me realize how quickly the work is hastening and how blessed I am to be apart of it!

So the miracle we saw this week... While we were emailing at the library last week, I saw a girl walk in. Right when I looked at her, my first thought was "She super could be a member of the Church." But I brushed off the thought and kept emailing. My excuses being, I am super emotional looking at the pics from home and I am so lost in these emails. But as Sis. Vilingia and I were leaving, a car pulled up in front of us, asking us where the nearest church was, and it was the girl from the library. She pulled to the side of the road and we started talking. She confessed that she is a member but hasn't come in a long time and really wants to start coming back! She said she has been seeing us at the library the last couple of weeks and has been feeling prompted to talk to us but was scared. We exchanged numbers and we planned a time to see her when we gets home from out of town. She was so sweet and so kind, we loved meeting her! I was so mad though that I had ignored the promptings of the spirit. Because of that one instance, I spent the rest of the week closely listening to the spirit and strived to follow all the promptings I recieved! I truly felt rebuked for not listening the first time and I hope to not do it again!

We also had a really great lesson with some investigators who we have been trying to teach the Restoration too for quite some time! We finally pinned them down and they were super receptive and super interested. The wife even confessed that we were her only friends and that she trusts us and loves having us come around. This really testified to me that it means the world to people when we just sit and listen to their lives and establish friendships with them! The spirit we bring truly touches people!

Oh man I love being a missionary. I know y'all probably hate me by now for saying it so much but its true! I also wanted to say how grateful I am for all of you and your support and friendship. Y'all are truly the reason I am here today! Love you guys so much and miss all of you! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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