Sunday, December 22, 2013

There is No Place Like Home

This title has plural meanings. First, it is true, tornadoes hit this area. The warnings and storms were intense there for awhile! We had to do a tornado drill in the Church, it was cray. I am fine though and Covington is safe! Danville, where we meet for church, is without power though. So things are still pretty chaotic. Second, my dear brother Carter is home, Although, I love being out here and I love being a missionary, I am sad that I couldn't have been home with my fam this weekend for such a wonderful occasion.

Speaking of weather.... IT SNOWED. Ah man was I cold. The longer I am in the cold the more inclined I am to live in AZ or CA for the rest of my life. But it was fun to experience plus my companion loved it. . Attached are some dweeb sauce pictures we took in honor of the first snowfall.

This week was great. Nothing crazy happened but Sister Vilingia and I are working hard. Side note: I LOVE my companion. We get along really well and we are very similar. I love her to death and she has already taught me so much. Its going to be a great transfer. 

We are working super hard with our most progressing family. They all came to church yesterday which was AWESOME!! This gospel is so perfect for them. When we were at a member's home, we were talking about the family that we are teaching and I started crying at the thought of them not joining the Church. And to clarify, it's not the fact that they may not join the church that made me sad, it's the fact that their family will be missing out on all the blessings that his gospel has to offer. But they are doing so great. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father has allowed me to love them so much. Honestly, I can't imagine loving a family more than this. My heart is gonna burst because I love them so much!

We are also working with some promising investigators so all is going well in good ole Indiana!

I had a revelation this week. I kept thinking and praying out the people that we are teaching and I was like "what can I do more? How can I help them?" But then it hit me, it's not about me. It's about the Spirit and Heavenly Father, they do the converting. It's not about what I say or do, I am just the mouthpiece. It is all about the Savior. Because of His Atonement, it enables us to change and to grow. Ah man how I LOVE being a missionary. This is the happiest most blessed work I could be apart of.

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