Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tis the Season

Hello y'all! I can't believe it is already December! That is soo cray. I can't event handle it! Christmas is in 3 weeks and that means I get to Skype home in 3 weeks! I am so freakin' excited!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent the whole day with the other missionaries in our ward at a members home. It was so fun and so delicious. Although I was away from home and my family I felt like I was at home. I realized that even though I missed my family, I had too much to be grateful for to be sad. Ah Thanksgiving is the best.

This week did get super cold, but now it's starting to warm up!! I am happy because not gonna lie, I was freezing. I just don't want to admit it's winter yet. But we shouldn't see snow anytime soon so I should be okay for awhile.

Can I just say how much I love my companion.  We have so much fun together. But She has also helped me so much this transfer. She builds me up when I feel down and she makes me feel like a a good missionary. I appreciate her so much. We definitely got that unity thing going on. She's my soul sista. I am saying these things because transfers are in 2 weeks and its soooo up in the air if I am staying or not. I really hope I do though because I want to stay with Sis. Vilingia another 6 weeks and we are working so hard with these investigators!

Speaking of, so the family we have been teaching for the last 3 months, who I have mentioned a couple times, we had a miracle occur with them. So we haven't even picked up the husband as an investigator and we have been trying to talk to him, because he's been reading, but we haven't been able to pin him down. Well finally we set an appt on Wednesday to see him to see what's up. Well the wife called the Bishop and asked him to come to the appt too. So we all went and we kind of were like 'hey your kids are ready for baptism, how do you guys feel about that?" And the wife has been unsure and she feels like she hasn't gotten an answer to her prayers about it. So I read alma 32:21 on faith and testified to her of this gospel and the importance of it to her family, which I cried because I love them so much. And Bishop testified to her that they need to sincerely read the Book of Mormon if they want an answer. It was so powerful. Then the wife asked us to teach her husband the Plan of Salvation real fast because he hasn't heard it. So we taught it on a whim and it was soooo great! I am so happy the Bishop came because he made it really powerful. And the husband loved it. Then Bishop gave the husband a blessing because he's been sick, and we all cried the whole time. Man the spirit was so strong. Later she called us and she told us that her and her husband knows it's all true and wants to be baptized before the end of the year. I cried. (I know tons of crying.) But I have been praying for this family forever. I love them so deeply and I care about them so much. It is absolutely wonderful too see them accept this gospel.

Well the Church is so true. This gospel is wonderful. The Savior is wonderful. Like I said recently, I have been studying the Atonement and the life of Christ and its soo awesome! Christ did so much for us and he truly has experienced everything we have experienced. He knows what its like to face temptations and trials and he has felt our sorrow and our pain. Man I love the Atonement and I love being a missionary. 

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