Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello all! It's been a minute (some weird mid-west saying). First, I want to tell all of you that I pray for you every night and I hope all is well!

So this week things have basically stayed the same! We have 6 people in our teaching pool but it's been hard to find more people who are eager and excited about the gospel! I have been sick this week to so I am trying to get over it!

Melanie and Gary couldn't be more awesome! We met with them and talked about conference and they loved it! Gary even asked if they could get baptized earlier! Talk about golden investigators! But, we taught them the Articles of Faith and read from the Book of Mormon together and they just eat everything up! We also met with them last night to start their baptismal calendar. Some ward activities are happening so we had to push their baptismal date to Nov 3rd but what's one more day! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and Tithing/Fast Offerings and they perfectly agreed to live both commandments. It just continues to astonish me how prepared they are for this gospel and how much it is strengthening their family. I feel so honored that I get to be apart of this journey for them. I love them so much, almost as if they were my own family. I know Heavenly Father has blessed me with the opportunity to feel of the love which He has for them. Man this gospel is great and true.

This weekend was really busy for the Danville ward. We had 2 baptisms for the Elders the weekend and we also held an activity. The activity was we re-enacted Lehi's dream. Now before any of you get hasty and assume that we stood on a stage and murmured like Lemuel I will explain! We first read in 1 Nephi about the vision. Then they blindfolded us and stuck us in a room. Then they started making a ton of noise, but you could faintly hear a bell in the distance. So I started following the bell and someone place my hands on a string. So I followed the string all around the church but sometimes it would be on a door handle or chair and it would get confusing to follow. The whole time someone would whisper to us keep going, or someone would come up and make a ton of noise and try to convince us to let go. Once we reached the RS room (the tree of life) we took off our blindfolds and talked about the symbolism of everything. Melanie and Gary came and they absolutely loved it. 

The mission is a rollercoaster. Sometimes I find myself focusing on my doubts and fears. But there are miracles all around us. Lately, I have been praying to have more miracles happen and I have been disappointed because I felt like they just werent happening. But they were. Even the spirit telling us what street to tract is a miracle. Miracles happen to us everyday we just have to pay attention. The Book of Mormon is a miracle in and of itself. I have full confidence that if you read the Book of Mormon, with real intent, you will unwaveringly know that Christ's gospel is back on the Earth. The gospel means everything to me and I hope all of you feel the same way. We have the truth and its right in our hands, who are we to keep it from others! I love you all and I hope you each are finding your own missionary experiences in your own lives!

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