Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

Hello Fam and Friends. This week marks a turning point for me (just like every other week in my mission but hey waddyado) and I have felt a sincere change in heart concerning somethings, hence the title of this email.
First, YIREN GOT BAPTIZED. He is seriously the cutest little asian boy ever, I just wanna hug him. His baptism was wonderful. He was grinning from ear to ear and he kept saying how he felt such peace. He said he even spent the rest of the day telling his family and friends all about his baptism. We could definitely tell something changed within him when he received the Holy Ghost! It was a fantastic moment! I am so stoked to see where he goes in life and how much this gospel will bless him.
This week we had Zone Conference and the theme was "Raising the Bar." We received trainings on how we need to raise the bar as missionaries if we want to reach our goal of 521 baptisms and if we want to see miracles. We also received some devastating news, which actually ended up being a blessing, that our new music policy is strictly Mormon Tabernacle choir and that we can't read any talks unless they came from Conference or the Ensign. I was at first angry, then heartbroken. But as the trainings went on and I prayed and pondered the rest of the week, I realized how selfish and prideful I was being. If I sustain President Morgan as a man called of God and if he feels inspired by the Lord to have this policy, then who am I to disagree or disobey. I realized that because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us, He will never ask us to make too great of a sacrifice. So I purged. I have a pile of things ready to send home. 
Those miracles include, we received a media referral this week of a woman who is blind. When we called her, she didn't answer, but she called us back and left a voicemail. In the voicemail she elaborated on how she came into contact with the church and how she wants to get baptized asap. For those of you who don't know, THIS IS EVERY MISSIONARIES DREAM!!!!!! So we visited her and set a baptismal date for March 1! She is so sweet and so receptive to the gospel! Plus, she came to Church yesterday, brought a friend, and they both LOVED church! It was great! Man the church is true.
Last story, so we picked up an investigator a couple weeks ago and he has been attending church and reading the Book Of Mormon. He is a super sweet and spiritual guy, but really critical and analytical of the Book Of Mormon. So we had him pray to get his answer a couple of weeks ago. So this last lesson we had with him, we finally asked him if he prayed and received an answer. He said he believes the Book Of Mormon is not true and that Joseph Smith isnt a prophet. I was heartbroken. He said although, he was do further research and give us a chance to prove it to him. I told him that that wasn't our purpose and we don't have to prove the truthfulness of the Book Of Mormon. I testified to him with my whole heart and soul of its truthfulness and that if he sincerely asked, God would tell him. I felt myself speak with more power and authority then I though possible. I realized how we have such a special calling as missionaries! But after that, it sort of was like a goodbye and he cried. I am unsure why he cried, but he wrote us a note and said what we testified of truly touched him and that he will keeping reading the Book Of Mormon seeking its truthfulness. I don't know what will happen to him, but I eally truly felt the Lord working through us. I know the Lord has His own plan in His own time though.
Well the Church is true. I love being a missioanry and I love my Savior. Thanks for the support and love.

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