Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Ruins Lives

I know the title is super dramatic buts its sooo the truth. I am over the cold and winter! AHHH. Thats me screaminga bout it. hahaha
This past weekend we had an intense freezing rain storm and all the roads were covered with an inch and a half of ice. So missioanry work was super hard to do. Plus, our baptism got postponed to next week. Lame sauce. haha I know I sound bitter, I am not really though. It was a good time for me and my companion to bond and clean and get some things done.
So we saw an awesome miracle this's the quick back story:  A couple weeks ago Sis. Firestone and I were walking down the street and we stopped to talk to this girl who was out with her dog. We asked if she was interested and she said no, but then we asked her for referrals for a chinese place to eat downtown. (Which we actually went to that same night and it was super sketch but super delicious!)  Then a couple weeks later, we were walking out of our old apt and into a member's car, and we ran into her!!! So we were like coincidence, no way, so we told her we loved the Chinese place and we wanted more recommendations but next time she should come with us! So we exchanged info and she was already in our phone!!! She was a former investigator!!!! Crazy huh! So just this last week we went to Indian food with her, the other sisters, and some members.! Well, institute was right after, so we invited her to come. SHE LOVED IT! The members totally fellowhsipped her and invited her to stuff, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and she said she would read it and wanted to come again! The Church is true guys! I couldn't beleive how amazing of a night it was. We are in the process of trying to see her again and talk about the Book of Mormon.
This week we actually met with some other referrals and it went so well. One we actually picked up as an investigator and the other just totally loved us. She was actually a media referral and said she wasn't interested but she would love to grab lunch. So we grabbed lunch with her and a member and it was great. Come to find out, she has like a million friends on a mission and they were the ones who referred her. As we were meeting with her, I just kept thinking "You would except the Gospel if you knew what it was!" I could see the influence her friends had on her and the seeds that were planted! So Sis. Firestone and I are not giving up! We are going to see if we can help those seeds grow!
That last story ties into another story I want to share. So there is a recent convert in our branch. He said all of his friends were Mormon and so when they shared the gospel with him and he knew they loved him because they shared something they cherish so dearly with them. He bore his testimony on Sunday about how he is the product of member missioanry work! So this is my quick shout out and push for the importance of introducing your friends to the gospel! They will never know if you never invite!
So due to the ice storm, all wards were cancelled...except ours!!!! It was sooo amazing to see the dedication of some of our members to come to chuch despite the dangerous roads. And because of the weather, and the Super Bowl, no one wanted to see us. So we got together with some branch members and we made cookies and delivered them to people! It was a beautiful Sabbath Day yesterday!
I love serving in this Branch and I love the members! I have grown and changed so much while I have been here! The only way to true happiness and joy is through the living the gospel!

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