Sunday, February 16, 2014

Visiting Teachers on Steroids

I LOVE COLUMBIA. Not as much as Indiana, but still it's getting there. We are finally starting to really get to know the members and see the work grow. Yesterday was our second time attending the Branch and it was so fun!! Hard work pays off, that's all I got to say. You think attending the Branch we wouldn't know anyone right...wrong. We already knew everyone because we have been making such an effort these past couple weeks. People already love us and never want us to leave. It feels wonderful! I love being here. I pray that I will stay another transfer.

Now that school is back this week, we hope to see the work flourish! Although, we did find an awesome investigator this week. When we go contacting, since we do it so much now, our instinct is to talk with everyone. So we stopped this guy, had a convo and he said he never says no when people invite him to church, so we invited him! The Friday before church though, we showed him the building and taught him the Restoration. He had some issues with Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ, but when he came to church on Sunday, all the talks and lessons totally addressed his concerns! The Church is true!!!!! 

Our other investigator is progressing well to baptism. We thought maybe he would have a problem with the word of wisdom, but he loved it so much, he wants all of his friends to live it!! 

We are also working really closely with some brothers in the branch. 1 is active, another is semi-active, and another is inactive. We work closely with the inactive one and it has been amazing. We can see that our efforts our truly changing his life. We have only been working with him for a couple weeks, and I already love him a ton. I know Sis. Firestone and I were sent to this area to be his missionaries. How marvelous the Lord is!

Yesterday, a member of the Branch asked us what the highlight of our missions has been thus far and I have been really reflecting and pondering on that. I feel like mine has been how much change I have seen in myself. I never thought that I could make such leaps and bounds. The Lord has sincerely lifted me and molded me into the person I need to be. But the most amazing part is is that I still have so much growing and becoming to do! And also, seeing the change in others. My job is I get to just love love love people. Sis Firestone refers to us as visiting teachers on steroids! hahaha So appropriate. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share my thoughts about this and how also my mission has helped me love and appreciate all of you so much more. Thanks for the endless love and support! Miss you all a ton!

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