Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Miracles in Covington!

This week absolutely flew by but was full of miracles! At the beginning of the week we had Mission Conference! Something that is weird about being the only missionaries in Indiana..we go off Illinois time. So we accidentally got up an hour earlier than necessary and as we were leaving for Springfield (which is 3 hrs away) we realized the mistake and slept for another hour! Needless to say, we were exhausted the rest of the day but the meeting was great. We received some training from Elder Carlos Godoy from the Seventy. He trained on the necessary things we have to do as missionaries using Alma 26:22. It was such a great training. I love taking time to focus on how to become better more effective missionaries.

So a goal Sister Scott and I main goal this week was to establish relationships between our investigators and the members. So when we plan a member present lesson, we call the member the day before, tell them the lesson plan and give them a specific assignment and encourage them to really befriend our investigators. It has been working so great and have really seen some success. 

This week we met with Melanie again! We have been meeting with her pretty regularly. She is progressing so well! We taught her the Plan Of Salvation and she was like I accept all of it! She loves everything we teach her and she just eats it up! She came to church last Sunday and came to church again yesterday! I just died! She brought her daughter Mary this week, she is 3. We came prepared and had stickers, coloring books, and goldfish for her! We held her attention so her mom could pay attention! She ended up coming to all the meetings and loved them and her daughter loved Primary! It was such a great Sunday! We set her baptismal date with her for Oct 12 and invited her to pray about it! When we meet this week we hope to start her baptismal calender and get her husband involved. Melanie has been teaching him the things we teach her, but we have never met him so we are hoping to get him involved! During Sacrament meeting we actually saw Melanie reading the Book of Mormon and she is already in Jacob! What a miracle! I can just picture her and her family being sealed in the temple. It is beautiful to see how much the gospel has changed her life.

Another strong family is Amber and Brian. They are a family we tracted into and were super open to our message. Brian actually texted us this week and told us he wants to join the church! We wanted to cry from joy!! We told him that is wonderful but we need to teach more of the doctrine to him so him and his family are aware! We taught his wife the Plan of Salvation and she was like I believe all of it and we are going to come check the church out on Sunday! It's crazy to see how people are already so prepared to hear the gospel. They actually didn't end up coming to church and we haven't heard why yet from them. We are a little nervous but we should find out soon!

Now for the most spiritual moment I have had on my mission yet. We received a referral from a family in our ward for their niece who used to live with them. As we were planning for the lesson we usually just start with Lesson 2 the Restoration. But I felt really prompted that that wasn't the lesson. After some prayer and pondering we decided to start with the Atonement and God is our Loving Heavenly Father. How right the spirit was. We were teaching her and the spirit was so strong. She disclosed to us the pain that she has been feeling and guilt from her decisions with her family. The family that referred her was there as well and we all got really emotional. We promised her that the gospel and the Atonement would bring her peace. Sis. Scott and I probably cried the hardest we ever had on our whole missions (well for me atleast). It was so great to see how our message touched her heart. She asked us to come back next week and every week after that! The church is true man!

Now for the cool part of my week. So a less active woman is remodeling her house and we offered to help! We went to her home Saturday and little did we know what we were getting into. We tore down a whole room! It was totally WICKED!! I was like cat woman of carpentry. It was so rad. It took us forever to do but it was really fun! We are going to bring the elders with us this week because she has 4 other rooms to do. She was really grateful for our help so we hope by establishing a relationship with her it will soften her heart and bring her one step closer to coming back to church! Plus we just love her and she is like the raddest woman ever. Afterwards she took us to a dinner to the best steakhouse in IN and bought us the best steak I have ever had. We eat really good in Indiana.

I have learned so much hear on my mission and to be apart of this work is the most amazing experience I have had so far in my life. I know that My Savior lives and that he loves us so much. The truth is restored and I am so humbled to be able to spread this message to the good people of Indiana!

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