Tuesday, October 22, 2013

His Words Never Cease

So this week has slowed down a lot for the Covington sisters but all is well! We hope to do some crazy finding this week though and find Heavenly Fathers children who are eager to hear the gospel!
We met with Melanie and Gary this week! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ then they fed us the best eggplant parmesan I have ever had! Melanie is basically a member. When we got there, they were playing a prophets nad apostles matching game! We invited them to pray this week and take the question of getting baptized on Nov 2 to conference. They came and watched but they didn't get a chance to talk with them afterwards so hopefully we can meet this week and see if they got an answer and and ask what they thought about conference!

Speaking of conference- WASN'T IT WONDERFUL! How blessed are we that because we have a loving Heavenly Father, we get to hear His words through a modern prophet. The bishop of our ward compared it to this- If the Savior were coming to speak to us, wouldnt we do anything to be there to listen. Well conference is the same thing! We get to hear what Heavenly Father needs us to hear through Thomas S. Monson! I really felt like my questions were answered in conference.

The first day of conference (Sat). we went down to Newport for an event called the Hill Climb. So basically every year over 20,000 people travel to Newport, IN (pop of 300) to race antique, restored cars up a giant hill! It was ridiculously fun! We watched conference at a members home. In between sessions we went and contacted. FYI- it's super hard to go up and just talk to people about the gospel, but it was my goal this week to try to talk to everyone. A saying stuck with me "If you want to baptize everyone, you need to talk to everyone" So I am still working on it but I am seeing success and I feel Heavenly Father giving me courage and strength. 

Sunday of conference we watched it as missionaries! Man was it wonderful! So many inspired words. Even the prophet thought that it was the most inspired conference that has ever been! So neat. In between sessions we had a pot luck which was super fun! (picture attached.)

Miracle of my week (combined with last week.) So one day Sis. Scott and I were down in Cayuga. Every Wednesday we travel down there for appts and we usually spend the whole day there. Well someone cancelled so we had time to tract but we didn't have our map of previously tracted areas on us so we didn't quite know what to do. We knew we hadn't tracted 8th st so we stopped and started knocking on doors. 6th door in we found some less actives/potential investigators that we have been searching for for months! They were less active because of being offended but we were able to talk with them and they seemed to really enjoy our visit. We even brought the bishop by this week and they really seemed to soften their hearts. Bishop even got them to commit to come to a ward activity and maybe church once a month! It's crazy how the Spirit prompted and guided us to be there to find them.

This gospel is so beautiful and I feel so blessed to be a servant of the Lord. Something I realized this week is that we are never asked to sacrifice too much. Because of the Savior's great and eternal sacrifice for us, He is able to turn around and ask certain requirements of us. It is never too much because we will never be able to repay the Savior for what He has done but He loved us enough to do it anyways. 

I love this gospel with all of my heart! I love and miss you all a ton!

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