Tuesday, October 22, 2013

September 30, 2013 email

So this week was crazy! Just non-stop business out here in good ol' Indiana.

S0 update on Melanie! We had FHE with her and her husband and her daughter on Monday night at the Strawser's home! It was sooo great. Their family really enjoyed it. It was a great time to get to know Melanie's husband Gary! We actually met with them a couple of days later and we planned to teach him the Restoration. When we got there though, he had already watched the Restoration video! It was nuts! We were shocked. So we ended up just talking about the Book of Mormon and the Apostasy. He said he totally agreed with the Restoration though! It was neat. Plus Melanie loved FHE so much that she has already planned the next one. She's basically a member already. Gary and Melanie and Mary actually came to church yesterday too! It was wonderful! So we met with them last night to ask him what he thought. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he seemed to like it. He didn't read this week but he said he will this week because he knows the church is an adjustment but he wants to gain his own testimony! We invited him to baptism and he agreed! So we changed Melanie and Gary's baptismal date to Nov. 2 so they can do it as a family and he will be ready and comfortable by then. Oh and Melanie watched the Relief Society broadcast and is super stoked for Conference this weekend! She even created a prophet matching game for Mary. I seriously want to cry every time I think about how much this gospel has changed their lives and how blessed I am to be able to be apart of it. 

That was the big news of the week but we also had some "Do or Die" lessons with some an investigators. Meaning, we asked them if they are seriously interested and if they want us to keep coming back! Luckily, they all said yes, but their progression is going to move real slow. We are praying to know what the best route will be to take for them so I will keep all of you updated!

This weekend was also homecoming for the High School here in Covington! Because the town is so small everyone gets involved with the events. We watched a parade then they had a big hog roast! It was delicious plus we were able to show people that we are normal humans! We even helped clean up. We also had the apple fest (pics attached)! It was this gigantor festival held in the square! There was a ton of food and booths and an antique car show! It was soo cool and there was tons of people there! We volunteered at it most of the morning. It was great to really get our name out to people to show them that we want to be involved and that we are caring members of the community. People have already told us that it has made an impact. For those who watch Gilmore Girls, this town is sooo like Stars Hallow, especially with the Apple Fest! 

Well Spiritual time. This week Sis. Scott and I read the talk Preach My Gospel Missionary by Elder Bednar. Reading it made me realize how much this work is not about me. The salvation of others and spreading the gospel is not about us! I love being apart of this work and I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He loves us so much and we can tell because we have the Book of Mormon and prophets on this earth again! Man the church is true!

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