Friday, September 13, 2013

True Blue Indianan

I think I am starting to get the hang of this Midwest thing.  I love Indiana and I have truly become a huge Hoosier fan! I even got some paraphernalia! If anyone would like some Hoosier pride let me know and I will try to get you some!

This week started out rough. I won't lie. The first day we were able to go and proselyte, no one answered the door. In reality, that doesn't sound too bad, but when you know they are legitimately there and they don't answer, it hurts a little. One woman, who we tracted into and gave a Book of Mormon and seemed pretty interested, actually gave us back the Book of Mormon when we went to follow up. I stood there absolutely speechless and wanted to shed tears. It hurt. The day was just awful! We visited a less active woman, because we knew she would lift our spirits because she was such a hoot. That helped a little but what was such a miracle was we got a media referral, which never happens! A woman tried to order the Book of Mormon online! So Later that week we went to her home and dropped it off to her! She seemed really interested and has a lot of questions that no one has been able to answer for her so we told her she found the right people! So we set up a return appt and told her to read it and she said she would have most of it read by the time we returned! I was blown away! Basically God totally is concerned with what we are concerned with. he is absolutely aware of us and our needs! It was such a humbling experience!

After that, the week perked up! It was a finding week though! We tracted 4 hrs the other day. It was fun though and we found lots of potentials! Funny story actually. We tracted into an old man who was super nice to us. He told us he was 80 yrs old and a die hard baptist. And as a missionary, if you hear someone say there are a baptist, you run away because they tend to hate Mormons. But we kept talking and he proceeded to tell us that we belong to the wrong church. His reasoning was that the baptist church has existed longer so they are the true church. He told us that the best thing we could ever do in our lives was to become a baptist. We exchanged pamphlets with him though and then left. We just laughed about it and added it to the story book!

The peak of the week was yesterday! First off, we had our first investigator attend church!!!  It was awesome! I almost cried. It was Melanie! So now that she has come we see that she is starting to progress and we can solidify a baptismal date! It was so great! We also had a lot of less actives come too! And then the Elders has lots of investigators and less actives come as well. Church as just nuts. Then last night we met with Amber and Brian (a couple we tracted into) We haven't been able to meet with them recently because he works a lot, but we have been giving them pamphlets to read! They ate the pamphlets up! They asked us a ton of questions and loved the answers they got! They even have started changing their lives to start coming to Church and we haven't even taught them the second lesson! It was a Festivus miracle!! I was so happy! I can just picture them being apart of the ward. That's what'
s so special about this gospel. I love to see people change their lives once they start realizing the truth! Man the church is true!

So the reason I am a true blue Indianan is because we picked corn!!! The parents of a woman in our ward own a farm and grew a fourth of an acre of sweet corn and we got to pick it, shuck it, and cook it! It was ridiculously fun and probs the coolest experience I have had! We probably picked 600 ears of corn. It was nuts! She tagged pictures of me on FB so try to find them and I will try to send some!

Well the church is true and I love and miss all of you!

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