Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Hello all!  First big news. I chopped my hair. It was a must. We were talking to one of the elders investigators and he was like yeah your hair is dead. So i cut it so it can be healthy. I am sending a picture in this email of what it looks like (along with a sign that saays please write me). I may have had an anxiety attack when I first cut it, but I love it now! I have always wanted to cut it this short but I have been too scared!

So I will share some cools stuff this week then some spiritual stuff!
This week Sis. Scott and I helped build a roof! It was soooooo cool. We complained that no one invites us to help them serve, so the RS Pres. invited us to help her sister build a roof. It was waaaay legit. Hopefully I can get some pictures out there soon.

Hilarious story. So we tracted into a super old guy named Darryl. He answered the door shirtless and looks like Dumbledore. We gave A Book of Mormon and set up a return appt. When we came back we tried to teach a lesson but it would just ramble on. For some reason he is OBSESSED with Ezekial. He would always bring it back to that. And apparently in chapter 3 it says something about wheels, well he claims its flying saucers. Oh and the light that rested upon baby Jesus's face- a UFO.  It was so nuts. Well, there was some miscommunication between Sis. Scott and I and we invited him to church.  He didn't come, but it would have been so funny. He was cray and we are so not going back. But its awesome to get funny stories like this!

We also celebrated Labor Day by going to Springfield, IL and having a BBQ. Two zones attended so we had an intense game of Capture the Flag. I am super cut up, but we had a ton of fun. Sis Scott and I are like the only sisters that really get into playing games with the Elders. It's prertty rad. I bet none of you expected that one from me!

Afterwards, we ended up sleeping over at another set of sisters apt (because we would have had to drive home for 3 hrs) because we had zone combined District meeting where we received some training! The training was awesome. It really sparked the fire in me to invite more, be more bold, and work harder. Someone said that no one will change unless we invite them to do so.

Now to the spiritual stuff!

This week the sisters training leaders stopped by and we did exchanges. It was super awesome. The Sister Training Leaders are great. Sis. Scott mainly taught lessons and me and one of the sister training leaders tracted. To preface, I hated tracted. It is super hot and humid and most people respond with "I've already been saved." But I have been praying to learn to love it because it is the main way we get investigators. So Sis Errington and I tracted. We placed 6 copies of the Book of Mormon and got 3 return appts! I LOVE TRACTING. The Lord really helped me and answered my prayers. He knew this was a challenge for me and helped me overcome it. 

We now have 8 people in our teeaching pool. People are slowly progressing, but we hope to ignite the fire and help them progress! The Church is so true. Being here has humbled me so much. Everyday I realize that there is something I need to work on. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and his patience and kindness with an imperfect person like me.

Fast Sunday was great. The testimonies were awesome. The ward is truly coming together and unifying. I feel like fasting is a way we are able to align our will with Heavenly Father's. I know it's hard, but it truly blesses us.

The thunder and lightning storms have started here too! Its been beautiful and a nice change of weather!

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