Friday, September 13, 2013

Cornfield for Days!

You will not believe where my first area is! Covington Indiana! In the St. Louis Missouri mission it covers a sliver of Indiana. We are the only missionaries here and we are the farthest mission from the mission home! It's insanity! But I love it here so far. Covington is a small town of about 2000 people. The issue is that everyone is a devout christian, baptist, methodist, or presbyterian! So when we meet people and try to share our message it stinks because people are like, "Oh, I know God and I am comfortable with where I am at."
Leaving the MTC was hard and exciting! We got to Missouri at about 2 pm Missouri time and met the mission pres and his wife! They were so sweet and nice! Sis. Morgan and I made a connection with West Lafayette and the Provonshas! So rad! We got to see the Missouri temple (in this mission we get to go to the temple once a transfer, but since we are so far away we have to get a member to take us. We are going Sep 7!!!) and take pics and stuff then we did interviews/testimony meeting/BBQ at the mission home. It was the longest day, but great to chill! Then the next day was transfers.

I got assigned to the Covington, IN area! It took a 4 hr bus ride and 1 hr car ride to get to our apt! The
town is small and everyone knows everyone and everyone is related! I met the ward yesterday! Everyone is sooo great! The ward covers a big area and goes into Illinois. About 40 people show up every week and there are 120 people on the roster. Lots of inactives because lots of people get offended for dumb reasons. My companion is great though! She's from California and we get along really well! We both want to work hard and get things done. The ward is sooo involved with missionary work! We go to ward council every other week. We meet with the bishop and relief society regularly. We meet with the ward mission leader every sunday! There are 3 sets of missionaries in our ward because it covers such a large area, but we are the only sisters. They constantly arrange refferals and lessons with a member and are wonderful at fellowshipping! I seriously love it here so much! The ward was so welcoming and i know we can get some great work done.
Our teaching pool is small. We have a hard time keeping people and commitments. I haven't taught one lesson. We knock on lots of doors so it's a little tough, but all is well. We are searching for people who are ready to hear the gospel. Sis. Scott and I talked about it and we feel like maybe our purpose here is to unite the ward and bring back less actives. And also to plant seeds in people's hearts. Since it is such a small town we are really trying to get our names out by being involved in the community and participating in events and service projects. We are hoping that if the people of Covington love Mormons then they will be more receptive to our message. I had a hard time with coming to this realization. I really wanted to come on my mission and convert and change lives! But I guess it will be in a more simpler way! We stay positive and don't let things get to us! I have faith that the Lord will guide us where he needs us to be!
I love this work and things are going great! Miss all of you!

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